Camper is Rule's bug!

(UrKari) #1

Camper is Rule’s bug!
CCP should fix it.
Cloak should be restricted by time.

(Scipio Artelius) #2


Trusty old FCON.

(Tuttomenui II) #3

People who complain about AFK cloaking need to be restricted from the forums. The dead horse has been beaten so much they had to replace it 100 times or more. That is a lot of dead horses.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #4

It’s a lot of very tender steaks too.

Obligatory meme.

(Ima Wreckyou) #5

Look mom I’m in a afk clocky thread :parrotwave1::parrotwave2::parrotwave3::parrotwave4::parrotwave5::parrotwave6::parrotwave7:

(UrKari) #6

pretty pic