Redundant but important: Cloaky camping

i just wanted to say that a small/medium alliance is doomed to die atm. Simply because u get cloaky camped, cant use anything above procurer/VNI and have no real income to form big fleets.
Simple and plain u are f-ed.

So now write five answers that i am whiny and that everybody of u got his/her Titan by VNI ratting and then close this post.

Ah and everybody else can open an other Topic with the name Redundant but important: Cloaky camping II
lets see how many people are annoyed and how many people love to sit on station and doing noting.

My suggestion:
Give the new upwell structures the ability to send out a pulse to deactivate cloaks for 1 min in the whole system.
Active players could warp to save spots in this time to survive and get save.
But afk people get shot and everything is fine.


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