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(Linus Gorp) #1

Muted topics shouldn’t show up in the “latest” category of a forum.

You see, I have this “Main AFK cloaky thread” on my muted list (along with all the other afk cloaky threads) because the sheer ignorance of logic and all that is holy and the insane amount of collective stupidity in these topics is giving me brain cancer (yes, literally).

By still showing these threads to me, despite me having muted them, these forums are seriously harming my physical and mental health, because I’m also a masochist and can’t withstand the desire to take a peek whenever these show up.

I humbly request that you work some magic and end my suffering, pretty please.

Cloaky Camping Recommended Changes
The like and get likes thread
Main AFK cloaky thread
Main AFK cloaky thread
(Linus Gorp) #2

This still needs attention :frowning:

(Old Pervert) #3

Hey sweet, one of my threads is in there.

I feel special.

…I’m not sure if it’s an affirmative kind of special or a “sigh he’s ‘special’” kind of special. But I still feel special. Ignorance is bliss!

(system) #4

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