🔴 Forum mute does not prevent posts from showing up in the feed

I have this annoying BIG Games person muted in the forum preferences but I still see his Big Lottery posts show up in the New topics section.

In the meantime I have found out that I have to add the chars to the Ignore list … but that only leads to this:

And the topic is listed in the Newest section anyway. What’s the point of that feature if I cannot ignore a user?

I thought player run gambling was banned anyway. Odd.

IIRC the BIG lottery no longer takes tickets for ISK and just gives stuff away for free now.

It reminded me of a Jita isk doubling scam.

Ah OK. How do they fund it? And why? lol

I thought part of the problem that led to the EULA change was they can’t verify how winners were picked so can’t see when RMT is a factor.