Sharing COVID-19 Experiences

My family owns several newspapers in Central Missouri and I am working on a COVID-19 story about how it has effected people from all over the world. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to help out and share some of your experiences dealing with this virus from around the world. We think this will be a neat story as people from Eve are from different places and have had different experiences. I have made a google form with a few question. If you could please fill it out. Thanks a TON! That or if you want to make any comments feel free to hit me up.

Yeah, I don’t want to share my personal information with anyone. So, I don’t know if you want a survey response by “Shipwreck Jones” from “Bikini Bottom.”

Anyway, one thing I find interesting about all this is how people’s attitudes and beliefs concerning the corona virus appears to be strongly related to their political persuasion. It’s almost like the news we consume tells us what to think.

Maybe you want to ask my sister about this, as she works on it, and, I’m sure she’s bound to some professional privacy due to health reasons.
I guess if she says no, it would be a pretty quick survey, for you.

This one of those thing were you are better to get some scientific info from the enemy’s side, even if your survey is not for the US Army medical department.

She sometimes says she has more than 4 million from it, but , she doesn’t give more details…

I mean, sure, it’s a lot less than 1% of 2 trillion or 4 trillion, but 1% of 1% of 1% of that.
It’s not giving me enough money to continue our family, but then again, if that money is only going to be lost due to security refusing to protect my work here, we better invest part of it, or, 1% of it, somewhere more safe.
Whether I get it from her or other, I know I can make over 1 million from it in one year.
Someone also then gave me the following offer :

“If I got a $100,000 I could turn it into $10 Billion”

To which I replied :
That’s better yes, I’m sure if you had 10 billion you could hire me to make money.

That is however 2,500% profit from start.
10,000% or more, is 4 times more.
Bitcoins managed to break that 10,000% profit, however, some of the details are rather unfair, to say the least.

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