A simple request

Can we please refrain from corona virus jokes and hate speech?

I know jita local is a cess pool but somethings cross the line, I keep seeing people make sick corona virus jokes and speech, its not needed with 10’s of thousands of people dead .

xxxx> <url=showinfo:11186//1032362638700>Captain Coronavirus IS HERE!

xxxx > worlds not burning enough yet

i removed the pilots name for forums rules.

The idiots making those jokes aren’t on these forums, and even if they were, they wouldn’t care to listen.

Got a point though

Heck knows why you would make the issue public in such manner, since it is completely unenforceable and will basically only encourage trolls who hadn’t already intended such behaviour to take it up.

Yes, Coronavirus is a threat. Yes, we need to take it seriously and put strong measures into place to keep it from becoming a greater threat. Yes, pandemics are serious business, with the 1918 Spanish Flu for instance killing more people globally than World War 1.

But perspective is important too. Keep in mind that well over 150,000 people die every day from less sensational causes, and are grieved by their loved ones. They just don’t have a running tally repeated every hour in the midst of a media feeding frenzy.

Stay up to date, stay informed, do the things that will limit its spread and rate. But don’t live in fear or let numbers on a screen take control of your life. Also, please for heaven’s sake don’t spread any of the misinformation that has been seen from various sources.

Some perspective on numbers: https://fullfact.org/online/coronavirus-daily-deaths/


Humour is a coping mechanism.
You’re doing everyone a disservice with this stupid request.

Let people be light hearted about it …
… pull that broom stick out of your ass …
… stay both forever alone and healthy … (you better stay healthy, or else… *shakes fist*)
… and kindly ■■■■ off, mate.

Thank you.
Feel free to give me any all of your stuff, btw., just in case.



OP, I thought you left EvE?

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