Promised to get some Visibility on this

o7 EvE,

I made a reddit post which i will link here also. My posting today is one of the ways I promised my Mother and 1 of my brothers that I would try to get some visibility on a gofundme for my Father they started a few days ago.

Here is the reddit link:

and here is the direct link to the gofund me:

For some clarity for those that do not click the reddit link ill copy pasta from it.

Hello fellow Capsuleers, my Family has been dealing with an ongoing situation for quite awhile now. I learned yesterday about a go fund me started by my family for my Father. He is suffering from Diabetes and the Fam is struggling to figure out how to meet his needs.

Dad started to play EvE couple of years back until he lost a few fingers (the pic in the link below is an old one), then he went back to WoW. After losing a few more he had to stop gaming all together. Currently he is now a double amputee, both legs removed and the Family is trying to come up with ways to make sure he is taken care of. One of my brothers has started training so we can make the attempt to take care of his Dialysis at home, but until then transportation is going to be a real bitch.

If you have taken the time to read this, Thank you.


The fact that people have to start go fund me’s to pay for necessary medical care infuriates me.

Sigh, I need to leave before I start ranting.

Just to be clear, this isn’t a criticism of you or your family, but of our health care system and government.

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