This is it, biomass incoming

YES, you can have my stuff, ask your mom she has it.

This is not a drama post, this is me breaking this unhealthy grind chain, I’ll be back with lots of alphas, to enjoy the game in other capacity.

I’m pretty sure my gross net worth is low ~5b. And my account is PLEXED till jan/23. And that’s the beauty of it, I’m letting it go.

I’m just making this post to let you all know I don’t like any of you.



I like you.

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Also, what about giving your stuff to the magic school bus?





Can I have your stuff? Some of it? My mom asked me to ask you :-/ :email:

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Can I have your mom’s stuff? My mom doesnt have it as shes in a WH




Hey I am on the list too.

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Why not change the way you play the game completely if the grind is putting you into an unhealthy state in rl why not just play max 30 min doing something you only find enjoyable.

If you biomass and 2 years later feel like O ■■■■ I feel like playing eve again and you have to start from scratch you will hate yourself for doing it.

And it’s fair no one can hate destiny maybe only Drakvlad :joy:

I don’t think he’s quitting. As far as I understand it, he’s abandoning his “Eve-ly” possessions in order walk New Eden, like Kane in Kung Fu. You know, travel from place to place, meet people, get into adventures.


What a noble sacrifice :smiling_face_with_tear:


" The Emperor : [to Luke] Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!" :wink:
EVE Online is quite the space opera. And everyone contributes!

I’m a bit late to the “Can I haz your cheeze ISK party” but any donation is welcome! :smiley:


I’m pretty sure after getting rid of his possessions he will enjoy his grindless life in his corvette in hisec. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :partying_face:


I did not say the plan was perfect. kkkkkkk

No, no. You can do it. Not counting sub/MPCT costs, I’ve been isk positive on different characters doing different forms of PvP (i.e. ganking, sov warfare, structure bashing). Moreover, I understand how the grind can be a downward spiral (grind → reinvest to increase efficiency → grind more to recoup investment → reinvest/invest → grind even more).

The idea that you need to grind in order to buy ships for fun is a myth. If you don’t want to grind anymore, then don’t. Of course, biomassing a toon is a bit extreme. But if that’s what you have to do in order to walk away from the endless grind, then I say go for it.

Do whatever it is that you find fun/rewarding.


Nowhere I’ve implied grinding and if you recall my posts I am the polar opposite if anything, just noted the mere fact that there are more ways to play the game than grinding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though destroying everything and starting from zero is not sure the best way to approach things if he hates grinding as that is exactly what it will feel like to achieve anything.

By the way I’ve started from zero myself and worked my way up and it was a nice journey and can see some relive that even myself and if one enjoys that then all good just and also like how I can’t stand mining myself if one enjoys doing it then I have no issue them having fun differently than I do either.

However OP’s case is entirely different imo because he hates grinding and working your way up to whatever playstyle especially after you had wealth of any kind will be utterly more painful with that mindset than just starting the first time let alone with a different mindset.

So basically wrote the same thing you mention if I understand your post correctly (though didn’t read it all just rushed through it) that do whatever you enjoy just OP seem to chosen the worst way possible to approach the situation and I have the suspicion his selected solution will just back fire at him instead of help. Just my observation. :wink:

Btw speaking of corvettes and cheap ships and hisec and non-grindy earning good amount of ISK…

Those were two prevented attempts while the rest dozens or so others were successful even with an unmodified rookie corvette.



@Shipwreck_Jones That video :sob: Remembering the good old days when you could fight outside an npc station before citadel null zones existed xD dammit.

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