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Are We On Track to Have A COVID-19 Vaccine by 2021?

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Right now, there are more than 160 COVID-19 vaccines in development, but two in particular are making the most headlines. https://youtu.be/zn8RXcuV3yI

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Canada secures deals for up to 114M doses of potential COVID-19 vaccines

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3D printing helps Italian doctors fix faulty respirators to help Covid-19 patients #Future #FutureNow #Futurism #FutureTrends #Innovation #Tech #Technology #Technologies #Reddit #Leadership

3D printing helps Italian doctors fix faulty respirators to help Covid-19 patients – By Matthew…
3D printing is an on demand manufacturing technology, and in a crisis where there’s a shortage of parts and people can’t move around freely it’s come to the rescue.

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There is no vaccine for the common flu so there will not be a vaccine for COVID-19

First off there will not be a vaccine ready for a long time. COVID-19 is the super flu. Since COVID-19 comes from the coronavirus family of viruses that causes flues and science hasn’t been able to develop a treatment for the common cold or flu, there will not be a vaccine developed for COVID-19 for a very long time.

Possible Clue To Why COVID-19 Hasn’t Stopped Like a normal flu.

First off COVID-19 is not a flu. It is very similar to the flu but it is not the flu virus. A flu virus effects a particular tRNA cell, that allows the virus to be spread very rapidly but eventually is defeated by the persons immune system as a result of the human immune system recognizing the virus RNA from people constantly passing the virus around, thus what is called the regular “Flu Season.” The virus becomes so well known in the human population that the immune system is constantly reacting to the virus and building defenses against it. You may encounter a person who has a flu virus that is two years old because they haven’t been in contact with anyone who has the virus to build an immunity from. Your body however has already had the "seasonal flu " and has built an immunity against it, which keeps you from getting sick.

How COVID-19 is difference from Influenza.

What is causing COVID-19 to flourish is the unique ability of COVID-19 to recombine into a new virus once it infects a host. Humans have four kinds of rRNAs. Transfer RNA, or tRNA, decodes the genetic information held in the mRNA and helps add amino acids to a growing protein chain is the number one cell that spreads a virus. Scientists estimate that human cells have more than 500 different tRNAs.

Once COVID-19 infects a cell one of the 500 different types of tRNA’s is randomly used by COVID-19, decodes the genetic information of COVID-19 and adds amino acids to its growing protein chain. In the protein chain there would be a very slight difference in the new COVID-19 virus being released that was different from the initial virus that entered the persons body. The tRNA is then encoded into the new COVID-19 virus that looks the same as the base COVID-19 cell but has a different tRNA switching mechanism in the cell now.

The switching mechanism triggers the tRNA to use a different decoding and encoding process each time so that the new virus that is created in the cell looks like COVID-19 from the outside but each cell that ruptures contains a different set of tRNA information for the next cell that it infects, thus making COVID-19 almost unlikely to be defeated as the tRNA of the infected cell would be different than tRNA of the prior host.

In the human genome, which, according to January 2013 estimates, has about 20,848 protein coding genes [25] in total, there are 497 nuclear genes encoding cytoplasmic tRNA molecules, and 324 tRNA-derived pseudogenes—tRNA genes thought to be no longer functional[26] (although pseudo tRNAs have been shown to be involved in antibiotic resistance in bacteria ).

324 tRNA genes thought to be no longer functional have been shown to be involved in antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Therefore since COVID-19 is not active and does have antibiotic resistance to drugs that would cause the virus to “slip its skin” or basically drugs that cause the virus itself to fall apart, then COVID-19 is most likely being caused by one of 324 tRNA genes in the human body. What ever animal the COVID-19 virus originally came from, non-functional tRNA of that animal has somehow been copied into a cell that has been able to bridge to human beings.

Since China has not found massive amounts of dead animals due to being infected and killed by the COVID-19 virus like the virus has with humans, COVID-19 in the host animal is common, which allows the host animal to not succumb to the COVID-19 virus like the human host does.

The host animal would recognize its own non-functional tRNA allowing the host’s immune system to defend against the invasion or rather simply let the non-functional tRNA virus leave its body. But when a human intakes COVID-19, the tRNA of the original host animal triggers the cell to replicate its non-functional tRNA that causes the cell to rupture that then spreads the non-functional animal tRNA into other cells. Since the human body does not understand what to do with the new information in the non-functional animal tRNA, other than replicate it, the human cell does its job of replicating the non-functional animal tRNA as the cell would replicate a normal active cell that then leaves the replication center and continues to other parts of the body to continue its original process.

But non-functional tRNA simply replicates and replicates causing the host cell to rupture. Without the replication cell replicating normal cells, the organs of the body lose their ability to function properly. Dead cell tissue then begins to collect inside of the effected organ causing bacteria to possibly emerge as a result.

Non-Functional tRNA of the host animal.

With the human body having at least 500 and 324 human tRNA not being functional, COVID-19 is most likely related to the original host animal’s own non-functional tRNA being released into the air. Once the virus has been ingested by the human, something in the host animal’s own tRNA that doesn’t cause a problem with the host animal, causes the human body to replicate the animal tRNA.

Since the human body only replicates the animal’s non-functional tRNA but can do nothing with the new cell itself because the human body doesn’t recognize any of the information of the cell, the human cell replicates the non-functional animal tRNA until the cell ruptures causing more of the non-functional tRNA of the animal to spread to other cells of the human body to begin the process all over again.

The fact that China hasn’t found massive mounds of dead animals that have succumbed to COVID-19 would suggest that the virus in the host animal is attributed to non-functional tRNA that has been able to bridge to humans to cause the COVID-19 infection. Non-functional tRNA in the animal would be regarded as being part of the animals genes, but there is a triggering mechanism that keeps the non-functional tRNA in the host animal from being replicated but not from being passed on to other animals.

There is a switch in the COVID-19 virus. Much like the switch at a train yard that allows a set of train cars moving in one direction from point A (the original host animal) to change directions to point B (the human host). The set of instructions that allowed the non-functional animal tRNA to actually be functional at one time somehow is turned on in the human host that allows the animal tRNA to be replicated.

But without a cell to receive the animal host tRNA in the human body, the replication continues until the human cell bursts and dies.

There is a common switch in the cells of the animal host and human cell that allows the simple replication of a cell without the actual need of the cell being replicated checked against a process index to ensure that the cell being replicated is part of the human body and is meant for a process from which it is being replicated for.

Basically, all life on Earth has the ability to read replication data in the tRNA data from other animals and replicate it without being able to determine if the data being replicated actually fits in with the host animals own organ and life sustaining processes.


One of the problem we have with COVID-19 is that we don’t know where it is , since it is hard to track, and it is harder to track with the current means that we have, when it started to spread quickly, and when it already has infected many people.

That is why that those N95 masks and better are what is required to prevent it from spreading further, until that the infection rate can go down again, at what point the contact tracing can function better.

If not enough people use and wear those protective device, risk is that others will be infected, and the rate will remain too high to solve the problem, and potentially, the pandemic will remain.

That is why many people wear masks, because we don’t know who is infected, and that the spread of the virus can happen from person to person from breathing.

If the person is stupid, whether the most stupid or the smartest with the best IQ and EQ and the most money won’t change the fact, they can still contract it.

Of course, medical teams can help to detect it, to create safe zones, but those zones are only so good and accurate as the testing is, the same for when doctors got infected and worked in the white house as well as staff near elected officials there.

To say that someone is stupid , and that they won’t catch the virus if they are not wearing a mask is a fallacy.
The mask prevents them from getting it, by 95%, and it also prevents them to give it to others, should the 5% be breached, and they do contract it, before being able to get a test result , which test result has a 30% false negative.

That is one way to stop the virus from spreading.
Once the virus stops spreading, the pandemic is over.
If people want the pandemic to continue and not wear a mask, they can be held responsible for the pandemic to keep going.

One more thing, it may be illegal to develop COVID-19 into a weapon, so, those liable can be attacked.

This is like trying to justify to cause psychological problem to a target and try to claim that they cannot recover from it, as additional and aggravating fact against their system, without valid grounds for it.
Of course the damage is real, and of course, they didn’t care they did cause it, and of course, they tried to justify it illegally and may even have justified it falsely.

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So now everyone knows that covfefe means COVID-19.

on May 31, 2017

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The world set a new record for Covid-19 cases on Sunday, with 307,930 new confirmed infections reported globally by the WHO http://on.forbes.com/6016GtF9g

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313 COVID cases in Ontario—highest since June—as kids return to school

Ontario is reporting 313 cases of COVID-19, with almost 30,000 tests completed today. That’s the highest since June 7.

Photo via @TorontoStar

Up to 95,000,000 Americans Could Die From the Covid-19 Pandemic.

WASHINGTON — In a congressional hearing Wednesday, Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, held up the disposable surgical mask he had been wearing and declared that the simple covering may ultimately be better than a much-hoped-for vaccine.

“This face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine,” Redfield said, referring to COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. That disease has now killed about 200,000 people in the United States.

Redfield went on to say that a vaccine could have an immunogenicity of 70 percent, meaning that it may not work in close to one-third of people to whom it is administered.

Yahoo News Article

If 70% of Americans take the vaccine and develop anti-bodies against it. There are 328.2 million Americans currently living in the U.S. 70% who develop anti-bodies after being vaccinated is 229,740,000.

30% of those who don’t develop an anti-body in the U.S. is 98,460,000 and will eventually die to a Covid-19 infection as a result of their body not developing anti-bodies after being given the vaccine.

The other facts to consider are that children of those vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine might not develop anti-bodies to Covid-19 while in the womb or after the child is born, thus making the Covid-19 pandemic exponential, like Pi.


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For now, masks , or , respirator, or, other breathing protection, including oxygen masks and breathing apparatus are better than breathing air infected with toxic materials , including air infected from virus infecting human cells.

You can’t get the virus from somewhere which has no virus in it.
You can however get the virus from where it is, when it enters your system, if it enters your system, which system is what it looks for to replicate itself.
So yes, don’t wear your mask when at home, unless there is a virus in your home.