Warclone blanks are impossible

Description: These human clones have been engineered for infantry combat and are waiting in reserve for the transfer of consciousness from a clone soldier(…)

Warclone blank attributes as displayed in game:

  • Volume: 0.1 m3
  • Mass: 0 kg

Seriously? What are they? Hydrolyzed? Just add water? …and weightless?
…or maybe they are empty shells sucked off by Blood Raiders? Wait… no, they buy it for their bloody rituals.
…hmm. Something is not right.

We already saw how they look:

(or these are not clones you are looking for?)

If they are human clones, designed for infantry combat for use by clone soldiers, they must be at least of 1.9 m height, 100 kg of biomass. And the warclone blank pod has its own volume and mass too, right?

So the real attributes should be somewhere about here imho:

  • Volume: 2 m3
  • Mass: 200 kg

Please, fix them by this December so Vanguards can squeeze in and not look ridiculously small…

Are those the same clone soldiers as the rats people hunt for the dog tag things?

Edit: and if they are, could a new drop from said clone soldier rats be something to do with warclones? Like some kind of control range booster implants/drugs that vanguard players can take so they have better range while fighting on the ground?

I think in another post i saw something about the warclones having a link range, so that is where i got the idea

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that is amazing

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Placeholder dimensions?
Sheesh, it’s still at the Pre Alpha stage of development. Give the devs a break.


The clones in the Fulcrum are not the same clones that the Blood Raiders will want to buy during the Crimson Harvest.


These placeholders are with us since at least Crimson Harvest 2020 which introduced warclone blanks according to search. No earlier finds.

First mention in New Eden news. And it was already speculated on …how New Eden :wink:

According to this year’s news, possible location of impossible warclone blanks factory may be located in Fabai Constellation in Aridia Region in Amarr Empire

In addition to Warclone Blanks (type id 56788) we also have
Warclone Blanks Vat (type id: 77473)

  • Mass: 20000 kg
  • Volume: 3500 m3

Looks more sane…

Description: "Vat filled with the suspended bodies of warclones awaiting consciousness transfer.

Warclones are humans engineered for infantry combat. They are regarded as valuable biological equipment and are particularly prized by the Blood Raider Covenant, as Omir Sarikusa’s infamous sect of Sani Sabik cultists consider the blood of clones to be the ‘purest’ possible sacramental for use in their sanguine rituals."

i would expect it to change once Vanguard gets closer to release.

it’s a placeholder, basically Lorem Ipsum. They had to put something in there while they tinkered with the concept of integrating a FPS into the wider EVE universe.

I daresay they’ve been working on it for a while. Since before 2020 would be my guess.

Again: it’s Pre-Alpha. Cut 'em some slack.

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EVE FPS is in the making since 2006 (Hilmar says so in an interview from 2009) :slight_smile:

CCP started working on it just 3 years after EVE Online launch…

I know, I won’t press hard :wink: I just remind about things in need of ironing out :slight_smile:

I’ve already suggested that it might be so :slight_smile: