Formal complaint at Customs officers proceedings regarding attempted transfer of warclone blanks

To Admiral Harvisard Stollimaere,
Federal Customs Commander for the Sinq Laison Region

Dear Madam

I would like to log a formal complaint at the proceedings of the Customs officers in Bourynes system under your supervision.

I was denied the transfer of Warclone Blanks to my colony which I established on the surface of the planet below. The officers acted with disrespect and I was given no explanation or any logical reason for their refusal. The incident took place on YC125-03-22 at 00:09 above planet Bourynes II.

I expect a formal apology from the personnel responsible for my inconvenience and being allowed to bring my warclone blanks, I legally purchased from the market hub permitted by The Federation, to my colony for protection.

Below is my explanation for Your consideration and a warning to whomever might be concerned in The Capsuleer Community.

Some rumors came to my attention lately of clandestine projects involving so-called mercenary clone fighters.

They have gone totally below the radar and nobody is sure what they are up to. I fear they might soon start attacking production colonies on random planets for profit or simply become a tool of getting upper hand in the capsuleer community competing for access to planetary resources. I would like to prepare my colony for the (inevitable) possibility of cloned mercenaries raid one day.

I came up with the idea to secure my business with my own ready to use cloned bodies ready to receive the consciousness of the mercenary fighters to defend my property from their keen. After all they do the will of the highest bidder, don’t they?

I then purchased a fresh batch of warclone blanks with the intention of installing them around my multiple businesses for protection. And, to my dismay, I was met with indifference from your employees.

I hope my issue being positively resolved by your office.

Best regards
Elinore en Divalone


That is why customs officials are likely to be more cooperative if you access the services of warclone fighters through one of the CONCORD regulated PMCs, rather than contract independent fighters using blank clones bought off the open market. Algintal Core are based in Jolia, just a few jumps away from you, and have a reputation for clinical control over their operations. This approach is more likely to avoid the risk of rogue operatives and also protect the infomorphs concerned from unethical contract practices.

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Thank You for your sincere comment on my formal complaint but I must rebut it. I find it highly unsatisfactory of the particular Customs officers (generally known to act by the book) acted like they did. Unprofessionally disrespectful to my conduct of business they refused the transfer of the warclone blanks without giving any reason against or referring me to the other Federal authority on the subject of capsuleer business operations involving warclone blanks. That is the core of my formal complaint. Period.

Thank you for bringing this topic up. Yes, I am aware of the services of the various PMC’s operating in Federation space. Unfortunately at the moment they hire “regular mortals” only. They suspended any training activities involving the use of the warclone blanks due to trainees bailing of the programs. Along with the equipment - their new cloned highly augmented bodies - aka warclones. This information can be found in the article I referred to earlier in the explanation attached to my formal complaint. Also, as you probably red the mentioned news piece, the cloned mercenaries are no match for regular mercenaries so the cost due to the ground security personnel and equipment involved would probably be beyond the profit margins of my planetary businesses. Which obviously is something I cant simply accept and close down my operations.

Meanwhile, while browsing news today another mention of (Triglavian!) rouge warclone cells was brought to my attention. I immediatelly contacted the spokesperson for the Colonel @Oveg_Drust Office of the “Red Troops” SARO unit. The officer declined my offer for security services contract with utter regret. The reason given was lack of surplus resources which might be diverged to capsuleer community. However there might be possibility in the near future of starting a new enhanced training programs for aspiring civilians involving the use of Warclone technology.
At the end of our communication she most assuredly tried to convince me there is no direct threat to business around Federation space from cloned mercenaries at the moment and the SARO command has everything under their control regarding rouge warclone use. Somehow it didn’t convinced me at all and my concerns just won’t relinquish their grip.

I rather like to have all I do under my controll and would like to be prepared for the inevitable and have my own warclone blanks at the site ready for action in an instant.

Best regards
Elinore en Divalone

To @Aux_Aliette,
IGS Communications Director
Communications Relay Committee
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly

I kindly ask you for my complaint being forwarded to Ms. Blayme Eyghotelle The Chief of Federal Customs.

It was over a month since I filed my complaint and no official answer was given to me.

I am unable to contact her office by myself. Strangely all communication lines seem to be dormant.

Best regards
Elinore en Divalone


Another month passed without any official response. Not even a dismissive one.

It is as I was told elsewhere: Elinore laddy those dusted office scribblers care for their warm perks only and give a damn about us capsuleers. They care only if they need us to do something for them, not the other way. If you want something to be done properly - do it yourself.

I will follow the advice. In fact I had done some market operations to secure my business already. I guess its now time to ramp up the action. Maybe that will grab some attention of the office dwellers to the problem building up.


Elinore, laddy, a public forum ain’t the place to go filing formal anythin’ with any part of the Federal Government. Ain’t nobody in the government lookin’ at some rando chat site, and this don’t get no actual paperwork filed.

Mebbe instead, ya should actually go t’any of the local Federal Customs bureau offices and actually file paperwork, instead’a bitchin’ on galnet.

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Just as I thought, news piece tell it all (last positions of News in Brief section):

Does SARO really have everything under their control? Sadly, I dare to doubt it. Colonel @Oveg_Drust, would you care to comment? I doubt this too but I taunt you anyway.

Ahh, Miss @Arrendis how nice of you being interested in my lot. Your insights are most welcome (as always). For your interest, I have done my due diligence and filed my paperwork alright. This is jus a forwarded copy for anybody to whom it might be of concern to know about. Thank you for noticing it.

As you have might read several news pieces I have linked above and earlier, the Warclone community is doing quite well in New Eden and is not a fairy tale. They do yearly festivities at May, 14 celebrating those tumult times of widespread warclone corporations in New Eden of years YC115-YC118. You cen look it up for yourselves here

they might seem benign and inconspicuous or forced into obscurity. They affectionately call themselves dust bunnies. Don’t let yourself be fooled by this smoke and mirrors.

They do cherish memories of those prosperous times and some of them have aligned themselves with pirate factions and the Collective. I would advise anybody to watch the developments here closely. I bet you always have some warclone blanks in your capital cargohold just in case of a rouge boarding party and are in contact with some trusted (treasure it while you can, will you?) warclone mercs ready to pop into action for you in time of need. I envy you.

Meanwhile I’ve contacted my old friend who has completed his scientific training in industrial R&D. She will begin designing Warclone blanks schematic for installation at my High-Tech production plants very shortly. Some market operations ar ongoing as well.

Speaking of which, Miss @Arrendis since you are residing in Delve, would you mind buying those 7 warclone blanks from G-TT5V VII - Moon 11 - Blood Raiders Testing Facilities and then contract them to me? It stands to reason it is for a fee.

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Yeah, I’m well aware of what a bunch of warclones-turned-capsuleers do. Shockingly, it’s just like what other capsuleers do. Almost like they’re all just capsuleers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am? I thought I was living in Heimatar, 4j from where I was born.

Isn’t 1DQ1-A (that’s what you’ve stated in your current location address) in Delve?. Then I must have made a mistake reading the map. My sincere apologies for implying your acquittance with wacrlone blanks eaters.

It is. But a)That information was outdated, and my change in address was fairly well-documented. It’s been updated in that profile now, as well, and b)1DQ1-A hosts no Blood Raider stations, and the residents of 1DQ tend to actively hunt Blood Raiders. So attempts to conflate residence in Imperium sovereignty with affiliation with the Blooders is silly. It’s like saying ‘oh, you live in the state, you must be on decent terms with the Guristas’.

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Just few days has passed and another (not so) great news arrived concerning warclone technology falling into Guri hands:

On the side note of the above: what is warclone technology doing onboard of Caldari peacekeeper troops transport, eh?

There is another interesting news also about federal industraial automation propsal trigering concerns of one DERAIL officer, prompting her to reach the press, hehe. Our dear journalists: @Jacques_Tellere, @Ret_Gloriaxx, @Lina_Ambre, @Alton_Haveri or @Alla_Kondur would you share any details?

I wonder if those news are connected? Maybe my complaint reached some business oriented clerks, eager to relax warclone technology use by capsuleers? Beyond mere commodity trade? Like letting us produce and use the wares as we please?

Also from that news:

(…)Gallente Federation’s wish to normalize the structure of industrial fees and taxes, and it appears likely that some kind of deal on the overall industrial support servicing, taxation, and licensing regime will be forged between the Big 4 empires.
Negotiations are ongoing and the precise package of new economic and technology regulations to come is expected within the next two weeks.(…)

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Fixed, in a way that should make it clear for you.


As I said earlier here, so-called “rogue” warclones are just a headline-grabbing subset of the wider community of warclone infomorphs employed by professional organizations like regulated PMCs and, in this case, a Big Four military.


I think it should be Caldari warclone troops delivery service. So the State now supplies warclone tech to pirates? Great news indeed.

You mean unprofessional, right? If they were as you put it, there were no headline-grabbing.

I … do not think he does mean that.

You know mercenary work is regarded as a completely honorable occupation in the State, right? Foreigners can even earn State citizenship by serving with Mordu’s Legion, and that’s even though the Legion sometimes works at cross-purposes with State entities.


Delivery or pickup, they’re both transport.

Hardly. Syndicate, as you might surmise, is the traditional territory of the Intaki Syndicate. The Guristas normally stay the hell out of other orgs’ territory except for… special circumstances (like hiding an Engineering Complex). Being jumped by hostile forces 2 regions away from where those forces are known to patrol, in a place where not only are the local ‘legitimate’ criminal syndicate on your side, but the ‘illegal’ criminal activity is also an ‘enemy of my enemy’ scenario (what with the Serpentis more anti-Fed than anti-State)… yeah, that’s a freak occurrence.

And the Guristas are good at what they do. They’re organized, they’re talented, and they do a very good job of passing that talent on to new members. They stole a freaking Wyvern-class supercarrier from the Caldari Navy, for fedo’s sake. That didn’t make the CN ‘unprofessional’, either. It just meant the Guris were damned freaking capable.

This, by comparison? On State Peacekeepers1? Yeah, the army moving its own assets through friendly space isn’t being unprofessional by not having the navy escort them. I would, however, expect this will result in a security review and STPC will probably go and complain and get a bunch of Cormorants and Feroxes with the CN specs issued to them for future convoy security, even at home.

It made the headlines because it’s rare, not because STPC were unprofessional.

1. STPC is a corporation unto itself under the umbrella of the Caldari military, so, you know, don’t go thinking ‘Caldari peacekeepers’ means cops. This is the Caldari Army, they just don’t call it that.


What if it was in fact a delivery arranged as a robbery? I mean by both parties? The State doing business with shady (no offence) organisation? The last news of apparent dire straits in the State makes this kind of insinuation more plaussible (to me at last ofc). Have you heard of al those spending quotas limits? So why not outsource security services to pirate organizations due to some cut backs at home?
Interestingly the said robbery took place far away from both Caldari Navy and Guri operating zone. And as you already has written on Serpentis turf. Technically it happened behind Federation back so to say.

Let’s hope that was just a glitch or side hustle by that transport commander to make up for hist spending limit being reduced.

Either way wouldn’t that be more cause for concern and reason for our capsuleer community to demand full access to warclone technology in our hands?

What if you opted for showing even a single shred of evidence before making wild accusations?

What you’re suggesting would be treason in the State. It would mean the people involved would be put to death. The Guristas are aggressively hostile to the State’s interests, and would not piss on the CEP if they were on fire.

It did not take place far away from Caldari Navy operations, as the CN has been operating in Syndicate since the Federal removal of Intaki from the warzone. That’s why the STPC were there: systems in Syndicate under Caldari military control as the State and the Syndicate solidify ties.

Let’s hope you get a clue. It’s not very great hope, of course… just a fool’s hope. But I’ve been known to be foolish.

No. Warclone technology is meaningless to us. We don’t need to have six dozen clones already prepped, armed, and armored, waiting to be actived in sequence. Our medclones can be flash-grown an unlimited number of times in the same fight, and unlike the limited-as-hell warclones, our clones can control 18km long death machines with no modification needed. Stop getting all worked up because you don’t have the crappier toys, too.

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You have no evidence to support your stance neither, I must say. I hope shoving insults at me made you feel better, superior and relaxed. Glad to be of any help to cheer your day. At your service as always :slight_smile:

Unless, that meaningless warclone technology descends unto our planetary industry infrastructure one day (it allready happened ten years ago in Molden Heath, so why not again?), raze it to the ground or relieve us from all those P4 commodities overnight or make a party on board ours 18km death machines with us canned inside our tin-eggs, clueless. Its not always cool to loose it, with all that cargo you know? Capsule technology has been stolen already so there is nothing to stop some rouge faction from stealing entire ship intact. With pod forcibly expelled into space so you can watch your ship waving bye. I know I should care not for what I fly under condition I can afford losing it times and again. But you will not give up it anyway without at least trying to dent some hulls in the first place. And I have heard of no onboard drones tech meant to protect us from such hostile takeover to give us chance to fight back. So if that day comes we are just done already.

I buy warclone blanks off the market just in case. And I would like to bring them down to planets surface where I make money and be ready for the inevitable. Or better yet produce them by myself (I am working on it).

Fly safe Miss @Arrendis, and watch out for those crappy warclones. They are comming for us. I have no proof, just a hunch. You will see.

To support what stance? That the Caldari military is operating in Syndicate? That the Guristas and the State are actively hostile to one another? That conspiring with enemies of the State would be considered treason? That State Peacekeepers, an actual, official arm of the Caldari military, are professionals? That leveling accusations without evidence is even considered slander (or libel, maybe, since it’s in text) and grounds to be sued, in the Fed?

The technology’s still meaningless to us. Can warclones attack our PI infrastructure? Sure, that’s why you spread it out over multiple systems and always know where to put replacement facilities. Can warclones conceivably board our ships? Only if you’re a moron who lets them get close enough after you’ve lost all your shields.

And let’s be honest: if you’ve lost your titan’s shields, you’re probably getting attacked by something more dangerous than a boarding party. And you’re either bubbled or HIC-pointed, so you should be focusing on the problems in space.

Because the problems of potential boarders? Congratulations, you’ve identified why ships have marines. Very good. Let me make this abundantly clear: YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON YOUR SHIP. If you’re in a titan (which are the only ones 18km long, you know), there’s something like 1-10,000 other people there, all of whom should be trained combatants in addition to their other duties, to say nothing of the marine contingent you should have on board it you’re not completely brain dead. And all of whom should have access to the armories in case of boarding parties.

50 warclones vs 400 fleet marines + 3000 dudes with blasters who don’t wanna die, plus automated internal defenses? Yeah, I’m not gonna worry. Much more than that? You definitely would see them coming, and you should be blowing up the transports before they get close.

You get boarded, have your ship’s marines kill the warclones. They’ve still gotta get back to your ship. It’s not like they just get back up from the dead, you know.

No, they cannot forcibly expel your pod. Void above, what idiot teaches you this nonsense? If it were possible to forcibly expel someone’s pod, it would be happening all the damned time in null. You know how often it happens? It doesn’t. Because you can’t do that.

Then I suggest you look into learning, because yes, combat ships have internal defenses, including but not limited to Marines, remote-operated gun positions, and ‘a horde of pissed off/terrified for their lives guys with guns and wrenches’.

If that day comes, you might be done, but the people who actually know what the heck they’re doing will probably be fine.

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