Warclone Backups

Since I’d rather not bracket in an IC thread, putting this here.

EVE Source specifies that warclones always have access to backups, because warclones, unlike capsuleers, have a primary personality file on a central databank that is always saved and kept up to date. As this information is behind a paywall due to having to buy EVE Source, it’s easily and understandably missed, so sharing here for you.

“A supersoldier who is accidentally abandoned on a planet for five years is in dire circumstances, because the life span of a mercenary clone’s body is apparently no longer than that. He will die and lose five years of his life. Still, he will return, because his core personality data is held in the vast databanks of his corporation’s infrastructure. He may even have been assumed killed in action and reanimated into a new clone the day after being marooned, a rather undesirable eventuality that would end up essentially creating a second copy of the individual soldier.”

-EVE Source

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Fair enough. Personally I wasn’t really sure if it was possible to have backups of warclones since their technology acted differently. If you look at the thread in question I think I explained well enough what our line of thinking and reasoning is behind it.

In the future though I’ll be sure to remember this as established canon.

The technologies do act very differently, yeah. And you all are right that warclones are more of a true infomorph than capsuleers, living entirely as data. It’s just that that data is not a singular datafile that is permanently lost if out of range of transmission, there’s also a core file that is updated with the new data whenever the warclone dies and clones.

So you weren’t exactly wrong. Just there was extra fluff that’s been released too. :slight_smile:

I can share the rest of the DUST stuff from EVE Source with you if you’d like? There’s nothing else in it quite as major as this bit, but some useful setting info.


I thankfully have a copy of Source lying around here somewhere, I just neglected to remember or check that bit. As all this information is inside this book and bound to come up again in conversation among people that don’t own a copy however, it might be a good idea to post any more pertinent information if you have the time.


Done. It can be found here.


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