What happened to the 514 chronicle?

I’ve been rereading Eve’s chronicles (they are so good) and happened to notice the Dust 514 tie in chronicle is missing. Has it been deleted and no longer cannon? I seem to remember some unknown advanced group attacking at the end and was curious as to if that was an early hint at the drifters or maybe CCP just forgot about that chronicle.

@Galm_Eskola-Fae ? this one’s for you.

As for my own take, I’d say its still canon, as warclones still exist as do many details related

A lot of the chronicles were never transferred to the “new” Fiction Portal site. We were informed that they are going to be moved eventually after they have been reviewed, with the implication that some revisions and retcons would take place.

At the moment, if an older chronicle is missing from the fiction.eveonline.com site, there is no way to know if that is by mistake, because it is simply waiting for review, or because it’s actually been removed. It’s been quite a lot of time since then and stuff gets added only very rarely now.

Warclones have been referenced in the ingame world news by CCP very recently, so at least them existing is still canon.


Found it using the wayback machine.

A dark silhouette came into his field of view. He narrowed his eyes at it, and as it gradually came into focus a sick realization rattled its way down his spine and took hold in his gut.

An armored figure with a matte visor, spread out over the face as if to deny even the existence of a face, stared down at him.

“Evening,” he managed to say, through blood and sand and bile. Ocean air had never smelled so fresh.

The figure stood there for a brief while. Small clicking noises could be heard inside its helmet. Then it leveled its weapon at him.

Involuntarily his breath quickened, choked gasps coming in ragged rhythm. He had often wondered what his last words would be; in fact, he had constructed them carefully. He opened his lips to speak.

“Adakul, light of the world…” he began, but got no further.

The figure resumed its search of the surroundings.

The horizon was silent and dark.

Has it ever been revealed who attacked at the end of the chronicle? It almost sounds like trigs but I doubt the CCP had planned that far ahead lore wise but maybe.

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