[Chronicle] - Hostile

We’re happy to announce the release of a new chronicle, “Hostile”, by CCP Diegetic.

Upon the dunes of a barren planet, two enemies find themselves locked in a standoff.

You can read this chronicle now on the Universe portal here.


I am new to the lore, for the most part unless the ‘mechanics’ or ‘tech’ of the game and everything else is inconsequential. Maybe reading too much into it, but with Vanguard and the latest changes on the horizon, I have to ask.

Is landing always ‘crashing’ ? Are eve ships capable of planetary flight? Is this a hint to future game changes?

Did the triglavians shoot first or was it the four empires, and if so, which of the four ‘did it first’ and why did everyone else have to suffer the consequences?

Got a good idea who started it. Triglavians probably stopped for a cigarette before hearing “Um, uh, Victor?” and then all hell breaking loose.

A new chronicle.

All the hellish lava planets in the cluster suddenly experincing a steep drop in temperature?

Thanks for the good read :slight_smile:

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At least some ships seem to be based on video evidence, and we have seen ships land, too. A lot of ships crash too though.

Almost certainly not.

Kind of debatable in the very first contact, but the Triglavians did stage an invasion of known space to get systems for Pochven, in which all the four were targets.

after 6 years! Some more in the future?

Responding to this specifically

There was a period if a few years where CCP was against the idea of planetary flight in lore for ‘normal’ ships, but that changed over the last six or so years toward ‘a lot of ships can, even up to supercarriers, sometimes, but not always’

Really it depends on the needs of a given story and plot at a given time

On the whole I’m a proponent of ‘most ships can enter atmosphere and not crash horribly,’ because of the inertial modification technologies and antigrav systems at play, but others will disagree and argue that ships have to be modified for it.

Truth is likely somewhere in the middle and significantly variable.

Gonna assume feedback is welcomed.

Hey there @CCP_The_Funk (Or CCP Diegetic). Can’t say I’m familiar with your handle, but your piece right here is a good first impression.

Speaking for myself (In vague wording to avoid spoiling anything to the bystander reading this) I find this chronicle has value in the deception between a EDENCOM soldier and Triglavian… Trig. Seeing the two share a human moment together - no matter how brief it may have been - Gave me lot of context on Trig behavior that I felt was sorely needed. To me personally they’ve always came off as too alien to act human… Which i know was an unfair impression to have, but it’s good to see an example depicted.

Yeah, the chronicle may have not answered every question behind the Trigs and what their society is like. But that scene alone Is what’s gonna keep me reminded of this chronicle in the feature. That scene was collectively like, what? 50 words? Execution implied a hundred more. So good job in my opinion.

so overall, solid. Good eats. Like to see more.

Appreciate the curveball ending also. Nice little finish to wrap it up.

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