Planet Landing

I don’t know if this idea was already discussed, but planet landing would create a more immersive enviroment arround the idea of planetary colonization.
But i am not saying about navigate or walk inside the planet… Would be an infinite and useless emptyness.
I mean, instead interacting only with Custom Offices, could be an animation like gate animations, showing your ship entering the atmosphere and landing on a landing pad, or a station, or whatever.
Some new content could be created like a corporation structures that allows player share planet management among others corp members. And of course, this structure can be destroyed and looted by wardecs.

Well, its just an idea that you maybe already had too.
And if this is a bad idea somehow, please ignore.

If you look at most ships in EVE, they are not aerodynamic and would burn up or crash and burn on planets. Plus, these ships a freaking huge, where tf are you going to park something like that?

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Well, Eve is 21.000 years in the future… I don’t belive they could not find a solution for these problems…
They don’t need to fall on planet due to gravity… They dont need to dock with landing gears.
Maybe the landing pad could lock the ship in the air and bring them slowly to the ground and make it stops in the air…

Why would you want to go on a planet tho?

Well maybe capsuleers in the future don’t want to go to down to planets and think these things are obsolete and useless.
But i live in 2018 and i am curious to see those things… lol…


There is lore that suggests we aren’t permitted to colonise planets. Use them for resources yes, aka PI, not not build actual colonies. That is the domain of the Empires.

Also EVE ships slowly burn in atmosphere due to the metal they are made from. Not fast so you can in theory venture to planets, but not for long.


you’ll have to wait when they bring the next dust, unfortunately sony killed the first one.

The bit about tritanium is misleading, as raw material it’s combustible in-atmosphere, but when used in construction it’ll always be as some sort of alloy - our ships wouldn’t burn up :stuck_out_tongue:

And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we start to see some more planetary exploration types of sites - with this current event as a base, plus some concept art that’s floated around recently, it’s obviously something CCP’s considering.

I believe pi was high on the csm list for updating. So maybe after wardecs are finished we may get an overhaul of pi that could involve more involvement with the surface.

Per caldari prime lore even the alloys slowly combust. Slow enough active repair systems could keep up for a while I’m sure. But you aren’t parking on a planet for days or weeks with our ships.

A half hour drive though, totally possible from the lore thus far.

And where is the creativity? There could be an special module that create an isolation outside the ship and permit it enter any kind of atmosphere. :sunglasses:

actually I would love to see this. if only to see the IG news reports of massive ecological damage caused by ships ranging in size from large asteroids to dwarf planets enter the atmosphere and cause horrible gravitational and tidal effects, probably causing large parts of the atmosphere to ionize or combust. simply due to the mass and velocity moving through them.

any capsuleer ship large than about a cruiser trying to go planetside would be an extinction level event.

Would be cool… lol

I found more in:

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