Flying down to the planets? Any thoughts?

I would love to see the ability for frigates, and small industrials to have the ability to “warp” down to the planet surface (of most planets) and conduct pi … also for there to be frigate and npc battles, etc…

My thought is more of a “space” with an actual surface with structures that could be anchored similar to citadels in space…

I’d love to see a pi environment that could be fought over in terms of scarcity and control…

The idea of industrial manufacturing would be quite interesting, with attributes of certain planets making it more feasible and faster to 0roduce goods or good types than others, forcing some to fight over or share certain planet types

It would be interesting to see certain types of system control structures located planet side.

There’s a lot more to expand on, but I’ll leave it there

Good idea. Bad idea?

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You must be new here.

What is that supposed to mean… it doesn’t exist at the moment, and it would be interesting to see in partake in

CCP doesn’t do anything. All they want to do is milk the cow.

Got it - so you are trolling… k I’ll just ignore you… I’m definitely open to people that want to discuss the content of my post…

We used to have something like that - it was called Dust 514. However, it was infamously released on the PS3 during the PS3’s end of life, and lasted 3 years before they shut it down.

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Too bad I missed that Era, I would have loved to see how they went about it in that iteration

it allowed some “interaction” between them and us, but not enough to actually make an impact. But there’s currently a FPS being worked on by Team London, and while they are not giving any information out about it, like other teams previously did with Project Nova etc. This one may interact with the game, or it could be in its own universe like Eve Echoes.

Xeux isn’t totally wrong however. They tried a Walking in stations avatar thing, but it was resource heavy, and less than 3% of the games population utilized it, so it was removed. I really don’t see what you are asking for to be implemented again in EVE. This game is more about being spreadsheets/submarines in space than avatars on a planet.

its the best game I never played…

edit: I want to play it so much anyone know how???

ps3 game, but the servers were shut down, your best bet to get an idea of what it was like you could possibly youtube videos of the game play… but you won’t be able to play dust 514 ever again.

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Avatars are definitely not the idea… more like flying the same ships, but in the atmosphere… along ground, perhaps within predefined borders,

I started thinking about it after flying abyssals - flying along the asteroids to shoot nodes… seemed like it added dimension to the space I was navigating

Rather than go to a customs office to pick up pi. You would Earp down to this, for example… but there’s a ton of other ideas in the basket, this is just 1

:frowning: no remakes? no sequels or reboot?

Excellent idea

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