Eve Has Space Stations Built on Planets

Slowboating from one station to another in Ghesis produced this cool artifact; It may give the Dev’s some ideas for a future expansion :wink:2


In very early days of Eve they prototyped atmospheric flight. It was the coolest thing I ever saw - it never got any attention.


Planets and moons are hollow, there is just the surface of the geometrical sphere painted with a texture. Also moons don’t spin anymore, because of this shitty moon mining. Planets still rotate.

It’s really immersion breaking when you warp to the center of the Jita 4-4 moon.


From technical point of view, you could dock on the planets surface on a landing pad in some location, same as you dock in a station. CCP would have to make a landing pad for each planets surface tho and distribute the bases around. Also giving reason for being there, populating bases with agents, new missions, new industry and markets. Would need to make planets worth fighting for in null sec and low sec. Make strategic planetary subgame, where human npc resources like Marines or Freedom fighters, and vehicles and guns and tactical decisions would matter. Tactical game style but from orbit. Watching battles commence and giving orders from the orbit or from the surface base, watching it all on a battle screen in your HQ. Would be sort of expansion, but CCP probably never seen it as profitable thing.


Dust 514 was onto a good thing, but they only had it on console for some strange reason.


Also planet surface could really receive some higher resolution textures. Option for fully utilizing the 64 bit client.


One decision changed EVE, but what could have been… sigh.

PS2 :sob:

Had they put Dust on PC all kinds of things could have happened over the years.


Bleh this was all fun and games until I remembered that CCP took over a decade of revenue from eve – away from eve.


they got liek half way with the dust pc version after scrapping ps3 dust and backed out of it

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I wish it had been PS2, might’ve given it a try then.

If it’s on a planet it’s not exactly a space station, is it?

But but but planets are …
… in space! :open_mouth:


And space … man … space …
… is everywhere! :open_mouth:


My home is a … wow …
… a space station! :open_mouth:


And and and all those who come from outside my spaces borders …
… are aliens! :open_mouth:

Aliens …
… from outer space! :open_mouth:


I couldn’t remember whether it was Piece ■■■■ 2 or Piece ■■■■ 3.

When he says PS2 he means planetside 2, not playstation 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

it wouldnt work, first because the mindset of this game is all about the spaceship stuff. even messing around in stations became a no no in the end both because the developers didnt do much with it and because there’s not many to be done there on the first place.

that whole vision of seeing players moving around from their capsule onto using power armor or piloting a fighter doesnt synergize well with the way EVE is built and played.

-cero emphasis on planets as the main resource nodes (planetary interaction was put later on and its just a time consuming minigame)
-cero emphasis on player avatars as the main interaction tool (EVE was about being a human conscience fusing with the ship in order to do things better than a crewed vessel, it works for the spaceship game because you dont have to get out of the ship to do ■■■■ in space, on planets that would be totally uninteresting)
-the spaceship game struggles enough with its badly worked mechanics as to port that into a planetary format (Sov, FW, etc…)

if you want something akin to what CCP had in their vision just check Shores of Hazeron, it has horrible graphics but the gameplay on the underside tickles that spot and goes even deeper than what most space MMOs try to touch as of now.

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If you have any footage or other media pertaining to that, please link it here. I would love to see it.

As for operating inside gravity wells…that’s something EvE ships could probably do if there wasn’t an atmosphere or if it was the right consistency. Remember that tritanium reacts violently with a breathable nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere. You know all those promo shots for various IRL events that CCP hosts where various spacecraft from EvE are majestically hovering above whatever locale it takes place in? If those were actual ships from EvE, those shots would have a lot less majestic hovering and a lot more screaming, because every single ship would be wreathed in fire.

Which is honestly a frakking awesome mental image. It’s basically the Adama Maneuver without needing reentry friction to pull it off.


OMG, it looks really deep. EVE online seems to be like a demo for it, when it comes to possibilities. :thinking:

Thank you for that mention, I havent heard of that game before.

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