More visible activity near planets

Orbital space stations, space elevators, sound effects, orbital vessels. Right now inhabitated planets in Eve are ■■■■ all boring, lonely places. Players should be able to visit low orbit, dock with stations there - and have access to unique services that have solid in-game implications. Seems easy enough to create a more credible, immersive experience.

As long as we somehow get the ability to blast the living ■■■■ out of those planetary stations from orbit, you have my vote.

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We already have stations in orbit around planets, quite a few of them quite close to said planets. For reference this is at least how small earth is from geostationary orbit and I’ve no idea if there’s any kind of zoom on that camera. In comparison the Jita 4-4 station and quite a few other stations in Eve are much closer to their respective planets.

In general I’m just not seeing the benefit for the time and expense taken on CCP’s part. You’re basically asking for mechanics to be added to support an “immersion feature” of questionable usefulness or benefit.

I’m saving bandwidth, but that video’s title is “view from one million miles”, which is way further than geostationary orbit, which is 22-23 thousand miles (altitude, not from centre of Earth).

This is basically eye candy. While that has a place, it shouldn’t be a priority. I would rather see limited development resources invested in gameplay - perhaps completing module tiercide, overhauling PI, rebalancing assault frigates or a handful of other items we’ve been discussing in this forum for a while that haven’t been able to make it to the front of the development queue due to lack of resources.

The video title is “Earth from Space Time Lapse - Geosynchronous orbit” and the satellite that took the video is, quote: “Echostar 11 satellite at 110 degrees west, 22,000 miles above the USA.”

The earth at 1 million miles is a tiny little dot.

Pretty weird, but what it links to now isn’t what it linked to originally, which was:

That is really weird, since if you’ll note my post doesn’t have an edit flag on it…

A glitch in the matrix! Is that these forums or YouTube’s end I wonder? If it had been a totally different topic I wouldn’t be interested, but they’re so similar in subject material. Very weird.

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