Orbital structures, Stations, Planetary Activity, Habitats, Defensive Arrays, Commerce and Traffic

What is up with planets in Eve ??

Even though I see planets with surface settlement activity lighting up the night skies, other than a token single U-haul box in orbit … nothing. A few planets have core system stations in orbit, but other than that the circumplanetary environments are utterly barren, featureless, unsophisticated voids. This is taking me away from much need narrative and design. I think that’s very objectionable.

CCP should start on adding significantly more real estate around planetary bodies. The usual suspect stations are inadequate. Stellar systems are just one giant mess of mission structures, but for some reason billion+ population planets at best have mostly nothing. It’s now completely common in even the sillier SF to place literal orbital rings, cities, gargatuan industrial zones, habitats, defense batteries, junk yards, squatter stations, and what not in orbit. If CCP needs concept art, I can do that for all races and pirate factions, in a few months, and I am certain in terms of the level of artistry in eve I am a lightweight. Many people could easily do better in their off days.

I call on CCP to add this stuff, in preparation on growing in-game content related to planets. Other space games have completely blindsided the franchise with massive features. I consider this a long term threat to my favorite game.


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This… doesn’t seem awful.


As someone that actively roleplays around concepts such as this, I approve and would like to see this.


EVE Vegas 2017 - Art Of EVE - YouTube

EVE North 2019 - The Art Of EVE: From Concept To Spaceships! - YouTube

EVE Vegas 2019 - Art Of EVE - YouTube

Some CCP_Grinch probably not letting art guys deploy their stuff.


This has potential, not just for art/atmosphere! But maybe new missions or content.


would be good if we could use marines for ground ops
even if that wasn’t a factor, i think an expansion of planets and further advantages of interacting with them beyond PI would be good.


Been there done that


and it was the most amazing experience

+1 again on this post for awesome nostalga feels


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We clearly remember two different games.

The one I remember was buggy unbalanced and it’s implementation within eve online stayed in a permanent alpha.

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+1 nostalga

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While I’m usually on board with ideas that fill up all the empty space in Eve, something like this is probably not something you’d want to be handled by this current team of devs or CSM reps. They’re already on a crusade against ‘structure spam’ and nerfing medium structures into the ground to the point of uselessness while simultaneously forgetting just how many systems in the past had dozens and dozens of towers and pocos in them. They create problems because they don’t think any further out than a few months, then the only way they can think to fix them is to make the thing they created completely useless to use.

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Off to black desert online with you!

How come we are still not able to build Dyson Spheres in this game?

Because dyson spheres are dumb and a waste of time and money.

for the capsuleers as a civilization in terms of technology development. I imagine they would be a lesser form of technology than what we have already.