Space for exploring

By today’s standards, Eve’s universe is rather small and the idea is to add an outer universe. It would consist of several hundreds of thousands of procedural generated systems that would have max 50% of the resources of the conventional HI sec system and would have an important feature, resources in them (asteroids, anomalies, rats) would not be renewed and these systems could not be sovereignty systems. .
So you would get a huge space for expanding and exploring.

A perfect addition would be a mobile base, let’s say Orc modified into a mobile home.

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No…it’s empty enough as it is…

I heard this argument 1 000 000 before and all I can say is: It is EMPTY but it is not FREE, if we want to attract explorers and wanderers then we must have waste free space for wandering and exploring

You are playing the wrong game…

I appreciate your opinion but can not accept it, you are totally wrong.

What you are asking, to put it another way, is that a racing game like Need for Speed have an open world to it that’s finite but almost endless. A world where you actually don’t need to race, essentially opting out of the acutal “game” to do your own thing.

It’s pointless and if you really need to do that, go play No Man’s Sky or Elite Dangerous…EVE is not and cannot be what you want and just saying “you’re wrong” is actually not even an argument.

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And you know what is Eve, currently only executives from PA and a eventually Hillmar know what is Eve and where is going.
Just like me you can give your suggestions and ideas and PA will decide what Eve is and where it goes.

I know, how about you make an argument for WHY and HOW this should be done…you are stating the obvious re: PA/Hillmar.

Well, there is a lot of systems like : wh space + known space. Ccp did it with triglavian, they added a new dimension, so you are happy ! It took several years for 1 guy to visit all the systems in eve (without beeing killed)

Here I am presenting my ideas as I want, and I done it in first post. Hope someone smart from CCP will see and present it to appropriate pearson in company and he will accept it.
And you, you are like me just one on the forum and not my superior and I am not answering to you. Simple as that.

you got only 2604 wh space :,c1,c13,c2,c3,c4,c5,c6,conflux,redoubt,sentinel,thera,vidette&staticdest=&effect=_unfiltered&shattered=_unfiltered go to work dude !

I respect your toughts and discussion but I must say that you can not write when I am happy or not. That is a very ambitious statement based on your prejudice.

what is your prejudice ?

Do not push me, it is rude and I would not obey you.
I wrote what I want in first post, you can go whenever you want but I have my own goal and direction.

I am encouraging you to explore ! Exploration is great, but you can’t say that eve univer is small…

Ok, i got your need. I definitly recommand you to live in wh space, bcse what you are talking about is definitly wh mecanic. Connexions, statics, you have probably a lot to learn how it works. Once you will undertand (and i think you will understand fast), you will descover that is a living system, connexions change every 16 or 24 hours. It is like beeing in forest gump moovie, you never know what is inside the chocolate box.

I wrote what I want to explore, WH, low and null spaces are so contaminated with griefing and toxic player that I would not invest 15$ per month in it, I am not cheap I invested much more money in things I like but I must LIKE IT to put my money in.

No, wh guys are definitly super cool. Believe me.

Edit : oh and if your goal is to remove toxicity from video game, well, you have to work like me to fight them with your tool. I try the sens of humor but sometimes they are joke proof…

Hey dude, we got a secret weapon :

To be clear, I’m not saying your idea is bad, it just wrong for EVE.

Why? Becasue the #1 activity in EVE is resources(or better put, commodities) based. This covers all the miners, the manufacturers, the haulers, the salvages and PvE types. Most PvP also also kill for profit too so they are mostly included.

There are almost no activities in EVE that break this rule…just like in real life; we all do what we do for money.

So you said that ores, rats and other randoms things would be limited and/or non-respawning. That makes most all that new space pointless for almost everyone. There is nothing to fight over, nothing to defend and no reason to shift assets there. So,the question then becomes, why would CCP waste all that time, energy, resources and server space for something that almost nobody would use?

They wont…it’s wrong for EVE.

Games like No Man’s Sky, where exploration is a primary role, sure, that works perfectly. Elite Dangerous too to some degree…Eve is a different type of game though and not suited to that.