Space for exploring


(Jint Hikaru) #21

Not to mention, after the first couple of months, any system that is within reasonable distance from a station would be empty (i mean a dedicated Corp can clear a system in a few hours right?). So what would be the point of going out there? You’d have to warp for hours before finding some of this ‘50% of Hisec resources’… not exactly El’Dorado is it.

I would wonder how the OP also thinks these systems are going to be policed, because without Empire control, you are just left with 0-Sec and no Sovereignty.

(Salt Foambreaker) #22

Ya it is SOOO empty that in-between each huge alliance there are 1000s of unclaimed systems new or upcoming corps could claim.


(Salt Foambreaker) #23

Right idea, wrong solution.


(Runa Yamaguchi) #24

Ah so you are one of the “I want to play an MMO but with no people” types…got it.


(Daoden) #25

i kinda of get that you want something new in the game to explore, the problem is the game then kinda of ends up like a 4x, first explore, then expand, then exploit (resources and the such) then exterminate. and then we would be right back to where we are now once the power blocs take the systems they want again.

(Runa Yamaguchi) #26

…but then CCP could add an outer-OUTER space. You know, for those that want to explore.


(Salt Foambreaker) #27

Make believe often? :rofl:

(Lugburz) #28

Actually could easily be cured by ‘no chat’ in sov space esle if they have a communication relay up of some kind that should tie in with adm levels.

It wouldnt create space but what it would create is a viable ‘no mans’ land, and make it a bit more viable to operate without being seen and chased by anyone with an intel channel and a couple of alts dotted around the place.
A couple of weird, spatial anomalies wouldnt go amiss either, y’know stuff that disrupts gates and/or hits constellations like electric/warp storms or something?
Even blackholes or wormholes that open up for a week and seem to have strange mass exceptions.

Something, anything random ingame that moves around but isnt always garanteed might go a long way tbvh.

I used to think it was true that more space was needed, whats actually true is people need a reason to move around and one thats not catalogued as soon as your in the pipe…

Although i am wondering where the trigs live and how they fit leshaks into abyss space…

(Solecist Project) #29

I’d like to point out that the OP likes his own posts using his own alts.

If you’d like to know more, go here enter LSG in the search and have a look at the amount of alts left, because many of them already got banned. Using the search to find what the person behind the OP is actually about, will reveal that the OP himself is one of the most toxic people on our forums.

(Solecist Project) #30

I think you missed the sarcasm in his post.
Salt isn’t one of those guys.
Definitely not.