Planet Overhaul: Cities, Resources, and Destruction

In EVE Online, planets are mostly for show, and then offer PI, which is used in most things. PI is a good way to make isk, and has a good system, but I feel that planets could have so much more to offer. Players dont invade and fight over planets and their systems, just the systems and the moons. Planets in real life hold lots of resources, much more than moons, and could be taken advantage of in multiple ways. So I am proposing a overhaul to the current planets, which would make planets be capable of PI, Taxation on cities, production of non ship items, and destruction!!!


Now, in nullsec, if a system has been claimed for more than a month, and has a high enough ADM, Cities can made on 3 planet types. Temperate, Barren, and Oceanic. Any player that is in that alliance can build cities on it. It would look alot like the PI system, just more expensive. Players would take up chunks of the planet, and would be able to either build a city on it or a factory. The planet can only have a certain amount of space, and so that limits the size of the city. If you have enough money and resources, your city could be the whole planet. You can buy multiple “lots” to build more cities and factories. PI will still work the same. Cities would need resources from the outside, but most resources come from the planet.

Factories would be like engineering complexes, basically you get a bonus to build planet side, and you cant build large things, cause it would need to be moved off planet. The downside is that it can be destroyed, it takes time to build, and you need to pay to get it off planet like PI. These would cost ~ the same as structures depending on size.

Cities would be a isk farm. Basically, the larger your city, and the more you upgrade it to increase inhabitants, the more “Tax” money you get from your city. Cities can also be destroyed. You would need to manage them, so the isk would not be 100% passive. Cities would cost billions to make. Cities would bring in very good money to make them worth the build cost, but would also need fees for power, and other services.

The more structures and cities you have could also play into SOV, so a invading force would need to attack the cities to do it. You would need to evac your population, or you lose isk, and might get penalized by concord for genocide against your people. The pentaly would vary depending on population, and I dont know the the punishment would be yet.

Orbit Structures:

Now you would have structures that are smaller than citadels that you would be able to dock in and control your city. Each city would have 1 orbiting structure, and each factory would have 1 orbit structure for goods. This would be lore wise where people could leave the planet and visit others and stuff like that. It would be like a transit center. This is also how you would evac your people in case of invasion. These would need to be built.


Cities and factories can be destroyed in different ways, but the whole planet cannot be destroyed. The two ways would be orbital strike and beam. Orbital strike would work like a structure bash, the planet would be able to fight back, it takes a while to destroy the target, and enemies can come and attack the fleet. The second way would be a beam. A large deployable laser, like the ones used when cracking moons during moon mining, would be placed in orbit of the planet. The laser would fire 7 days after deployed, giving the defender a chance to deploy the laser. Lasers can be anchored and un anchored,and take large amounts of very expensive fuel to fire. The larger the city, the more fuel it takes. The most destructive shot possible can only destroy 75% of the planets surface, so 1 planet cannot be one shotted. The largest shot would cost a good 25 billion give or take to fire (random big number, just it needs to be very expensive). The gun once anchored can only be un-anchored when either it fires, or the attack is cancelled. The structure would be vulnerable when the owner chooses, but there are no timers, once vulnerable it can be destroyed completely. Once the city is destroyed, the orbiting structures are vulnerable and can be killed easily. The enemy cannot place their own structures on the planet till all of the past structures are gone, and the system meets the requirements above.

The explosion needs to look very cool ccp, and debris should shoot up towards space like its the death star. These structures would cost ~10billion isk, the fuel is the main cost.

To find out info about the planet, new probes would be built, like the moon probes, to find out about cities and factories on the planet.

In conclusion, this overhaul would not only make planets and sovereignty much more valuable, but add much more content. CCP setup EVE for larger weapons when they showed that the giant space laser is possible with moon structures, so it would be cool to see this implemented with warfare. The PI would stay the same, just whoever owns the planet, not the office, has control over taxes.

This is a very rough idea, so please post your info below, dont be afraid to tell me if the idea is ■■■■. I am looking to improve the idea overall.

How is this any less tedious, and somehow still an even greater pointless waste of isk, compared to PI? Which is literally exactly what you’re asking for.

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You dont have to click as much, and you dont have to constantly move and haul resources. When making you plan out the borders and then it gives you a list of materials. No routing or anything. This would also be the upgrade from PI. It cost more and makes more.

PI also needs a overhaul itself, just I dont know enough about it.

Personally, one of the easiest ways they can overhaul it is in a similar way they did moon mining and reactions. Strip out the current PI system to just the Command Centers and Extractor Control Units. Merge Launchpad functionality with the CCs. Planetside you simply harvest the raw materials and export off-planet. Using a service module in say… a refinery, you would then use schematics to run from P0 to P1-4. Could even add a time sink or sorts by converting the PI skills into job-range and -quantity skills. Let players automatically place up to 6 CCs.

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So you want to make the laziest and least active way to make isk, and make it even more lazy and even less active?

Yeah, no.

99% of temperate planets in New Eden are not suitable for human because of pressure and (sometimes) gravity.
No point to build the cities. Make CCP fix the pressure (at least) first.

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I think the main thing I want is to see planets have more value, and have to be fought over. CCP when making the moon drills setup a way lore wise for capsuleers to make death star like weapons, and it would be cool to see this implemented. Planets should have so much more value.

Eve is basically a game of player interactions - cooperative or competitive. Anything CCP does to change the game should encourage more player interactions. The original concept for PI which included integration with Dust 514, might have provided that interaction but it didn’t happen.

We’re roughly 9 years later and I think there is a strong consensus that PI is due for an overhaul. The current system provides very little opportunity for player interaction and the user experience leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand PI isn’t “broken” - the market for planetary commodities is healthy and well supplied.

Another consideration is limited development resources. How often have you heard one of the devs say “we’d love to do that if we could find the time …”. Eve is 15 years old: there is “legacy code” that needs to be replaced; as players, we seem to have an insatiable appetite for new features and I think they should be planning a move to the cloud when the current Tranquility cluster reaches end of life. These things don’t just happen - they take a lot of work.

The CSM minutes suggest a shift in focus to quality of life improvements, little things - hopefully including a UX refresh for PI. Let the engineering teams concentrate on underpinning the foundations for a while instead of building new features.


I agree with this. There is a lot of opportunity to make some QoL changes to PI, but generally, the underlying mechanics are fairly solid in my opinion.

I would love to see some of these UI changes implemented, hopefully in parallel with some code clean-up/modernization/refactoring that would help prepare it for larger changes in the future. Or just unloading technical debt.

I know I’m often in the minority here, but I would rather seem more frequent, smaller changes (like what was done to exploration and scanning) than a radical overhaul with systems like this.

That said, once those QoL issues are fixed, then I’d be happy to see some broader expansion and adjustment to the system.

Could there be an abstract?

From the Topic name: not now - there are many other things to do yet.

I like the idea of cities and perhaps populations on planets that can be taxed making planets worth fighting over perhaps.

Going a step further, perhaps planets in lowsec get certain buffs being so close to highsec but not claimed by the 4 powers. This could prompt more lowsec/Faction warfare conflicts and content

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See, thats the main idea I want. Planets should be valued in eve, and possibly valued more than moons. Whether it be populations, resources, or both, planets need a new form of value, and it needs to allow fighting over control.

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