New Content for Eve

So i was thinking, I know Eve is all about flying in space… but why have not tried this?

Flying in an atmosphere of a planet and also moving some of the starbases closer to the planets surface.

They could also design some new ships which could fly in the atmosphere which would eject out of a drop ship which would stay in orbit and then you could do missions close to the planet surface for example pick off Gun Turrets on a mountain and collect awards.

There could also be new skills which would be needed to fly these ships. The ship in orbit could also still be attacked and you could see how much damage from an extra HUD on the your display how much damage you have left but there would be no weapons on this drop ship just very strong shields and jump drive capability to make a quick get away if needed.

Obviously this does sound like Operation Permafrost but make it more permanent not for a short period.

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DUST 514, how I miss thee…


And it had so much potential.


Insert CCP’s old atmospheric flight demo here.


Its not really DUST 514 , this would only involve ships not people

EVE is just not that sort of game, sadly.


What you want is Star Citizen.

These changes you talk about would need EVE game engine to be upgraded. Those planets would need to be more realistic and with atmospheres, and bumpable, with camera controls influenced by these changes.


No vaporware for me thanks

Post your ideas for more content, Eve needs more ideas…

There was actually a prototype for this 10 years ago.

  1. Abyss behind the scenes tech allows for this.
  2. Jumping out of your ship seriously breaks the lore.
  3. Why would you leave the large ship (even frigates are large) to jump into a tiny ship.
  4. 1Hz server ticks mean no flight sim is ever going to be possible in the EVE engine. (SC might claim to allow this, but get more than 12 people in one place and it will probably fall over with a heart attack at trying to keep the server running at it’s tick speed)

Also, for its other faults, the Frostline event basically had you flying in the upper atmosphere.

But EVE’s history explicitly goes against the idea of our current ships being suitable for atmospheric flight. The ship designs were consciously made to be asymmetrical, non-streamlined, zero-g ships. To dip lower into the atmosphere would require different hulls.

That might be interesting, but I’m perfectly content with the Abyssal environments, as they achieve a lot of the same æsthetic goals without needing to add a bunch of extra code.

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