Any info on the next chronicle release?

(Serylda Skor) #1

pretty much. just finished Sine Wave Alpha and im left wondering if there will be another chronicle release this end of year.

(Chan'aar) #2

Who is left to write them?

(Teinyhr) #3

Ouch. I’d laugh if this wasn’t sad and true.

(Chan'aar) #4

The truth hurts doesn’t it. :disappointed_relieved:

(The Leopardess) #5

Not a Chronicle but I have something cool planned for this month Samira Kernher’s player has been helping me with which is kind of fun…

(Samira Kernher) #6

Falcon is working on one about Shakor’s visit to the Empire as far as I understand.

(Quelza) #7

We have very little word on that. If you’re looking for more to read, there are a couple of Chronicles that never made it to the official list for some reason. For example, The Station and the Bazaar and The Yetamo.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #8

@CCP_Delegate_Zero works on them still, there’ve been a few we’ve heard touchings of that we anticipate eventually, but things seem like they’ve been busy for CCP :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, things seem to be starting to amp up again…

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #9

Hopefully NSFW. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Kolmogorow) #10

There was also an announcement from CCP Falcon of an upcoming chronicle about the fate of the “CNS Kiirasha”, the ship in which Tibus Heth flew from his Caldari Navy hunters. It’s one of the big open questions of the Caldari background story what exactly happened to him. In the last news about him from years ago the ship and Heth’s escort fleet has been found destroyed by an unknown force in the Black Rise region, and we can probably hope that the chronicle will shed some light on the last events around the ship and Tibus Heth’s fate.

Well, if, @CCP_Falcon, the chronicle will indeed be released. “Early next year” was actually almost a year ago. But I’m still crossing fingers. :slight_smile:

(The Golden Serpent) #11

I doubt if it was announced last year that it will ever get released. It only take a few days to write a chronicle sized story. They probably changed directions or something.

(system) #12

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