Complete Warclone Timeline Post-Dust 514

After what feels like years of procrastinating, promising people I’d get to it, and sitting on it to make sure I’d gotten everything I could find I’ve finally succeeded at building the most complete timeline of all events in New Eden related to warclones following DUST 514 to act as a lore resource for everyone.

This timeline will be a bit of a living document and will be continuously updated and discussed as new events occur in-universe, or as other players bring information and posts to my attention that I might have otherwise missed. My goal is to get total representation of player activity, so if you have any prior history with warclones in-universe please contact me to include it in the timeline.

Be sure to let me know what you think, or visit us at the Bosena Accords // Round Table Assembly Discord if you wish to direct message me or give vital input on documenting warclone history going forward.

Special thank you to my friends and allies that helped me work on this, and encouraged me to finally get this done.

Without further adieu, enjoy!


Very pleased to see this being made public as a reference finally, though I dir notice some inconsistencies in the formatting, some spelling errors, and some unintended confusing bite. I messaged you on discord to rectify some of them

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