Loyalty and Purpose

The buzzing neon sign of Delay Local hummed in tune with the clanking of pipes and murmurs of quiet conversation of patrons. Customers had been slow as of late in the Pochven bar, but that suited Clementine just fine. The staff now regarded her as a regular, with her usual beer being served without words. She looked up from her data pad, a rugged man in his late forties stood to attention in front of the table.

“Report” she commanded.

“As you can see from the reports, Operation Faux Theos on Lamadent III proceeds as planned, and have units in place awaiting activation for Phase two. We didn’t anticipate the level of arrests made of our agents, but the number are still within operational boundaries. We have had confirmation from Captain Dupont of the warclone clan, Reapers of Nawia that they have landed and set up an FOB on Ala III. They will begin defence operations in the system to support Krai Veles forces in the coming weeks. Naval units have been put on standby to support with orbital bombardment as well. Finally, we have been delving into this capsuleer you enquired about. Prospektor Schipplock and their Section 7 alliance appear to be a highsec Alliance with rare occasional small gang or solo incursions into Pochven. Reports show they engage Triglavians forces on wormholes on the highsec side only. There has been propaganda published that has claimed they own a citadel, but intel informs us this is a false claim. Personally speaking, I don’t believe they pose much of a threat on their own.”

“I agree with your assessment Captain. I doubt any of the Stribog Trokia has any wish to engage in a highsec war where CONCORD has their grubby hands all over it. If they want to fight us, then let them start by proving themselves in Pochven. Where are we on the information front?” The Kybernaut flicks the slides on her data pad, the latest Scope news report displaying scenes of police cordons in Jita 4-4.

“The leaked intel stolen by the Guristas has helped us tremendously, with our latest anti-EDENCOM video reaching millions of views daily. Opinion polls of EDENCOM has continuously decreased across the empires. Capsuleer opinion polls are harder to gauge as you know, but we will keep our ear to the ground.” He smiles, breaking his usual military demeanour.

“Thank you, Erikk.” she returns the smile “And yes, you’re right, we’re fickle things.”

“If that’s all Ma’am, I’ll retire for the night.” The Marine straighting up again. With a nod from her, he turns on his heels and leaves the pub.

Loyalty and Purpose, Clementine thought to herself, curious how that lie blurs with Faith.


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