"This is hell."

This is Hell

APRIL 30TH, YC 123

Skarkon II Atmospheric Operation Carrier “Vengeance”

  • Commander Torvik Ironsides

‘Svarog forces clashing with Veles troops just north of Alpha Squadron, they are requesting permission to engage, Commander.’

He looks up from the tactical overview of the battleground looking towards the Tac-Ops officer.
“Give them the go ahead, just make sure they make it look accidental. We have to be careful now we have observers.” He scratches his chin looking back to the tactical readouts.

“Svarog’s assault on this location doesn’t seem right with that amount of troops thrown in on one front. Do we have any intel on whatever is under that mountain range?”
The tactical officer lifts his datapad sending files to the main screen. “There’s rumors that the location is a hidden hideout for Krill Efrit. We currently have Gamma squadron in-route to get eyes on the assault in progress. They should be only a couple minutes out now-”

Alarms blare as gunnery reports in. “Commander! Radioactive munitions detected near Gamma squadron’s position. Their status unknown. They are not picking up on comms.”
As the man says it, the viewport ahead of us bursts in a view of bright light below our position.
“BRACE FOR SHOCKWAVE!” He’d yell as the ship shakes from the aftershock passing the carrier.

“Damage report?”

“We lost Gamma squadron, they were to close to the center of the blast. Shields are holding, reports of injuries on all decks. Readouts are showing it was antimatter munitions. Oh gods, half the mountain is gone-.” The bridge goes silent as we get a clear view of the now barren and half destroyed mountain.

“Recall all squadrons, and prep for Search and Rescue operations. There may be survivors who were on the edge who need medical help.” He’d open a secure call. Seems like the time for escalation has come.


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