"Things will be rocky still, but there's a chance the UNF can diplo its way out of this."

Somewhere in Krai Veles, Swords of Geros Director John Hopper makes his way to one of the meeting rooms of the ‘Orphanage’. There the leaders of the other mercenary corps that operated the Orphanage project awaited him. Ukio Raish of the Eagles of Storm Wind is present in person, and Jaki Leelin of the Sobornost Security Force is attending remotely from Krai Perun. Ukio addresses him with a smile, “Looks like you had a close call there.”

“Got that right. DERAIL and Red Troop, scary as they are, are limited. CONCORD isn’t that big. Even with help from mercenaries, it’s fightable. The Eagles? Martial Law? Nope. Not in that situation. The Swords have no interest in that fight, so I am quite glad that we were able to avoid being left behind by Svarog’s disappearing act. A few guys missed the boat, but they should be able to hide out with the UNF until Mr. Frederick can extract them personally.” He sinks into a chair with a sigh. “At least we made them leave. Things will be rocky still, but there’s a chance the UNF can diplo its way out of this.”

Jaki nods. “How did the new gear work? Vila whatever? And the Transport Relay?”

“Vila Synkronos.” He corrects. “Fairly well. While we’re not as good as Likorada, the control allowed by a direct link facilitated maneuvers that were previously impossible, and infomorph recovery rate was good. In conjunction with UNF recovery craft, very few were lost to Red Troop during the fighting. With further improvement, the Warclone Division should be able to stand on its own two feet if they have to fight Red Troop again. The Transport Relay is some wild technology. You can only experience it for yourself.”

The other two nod in acknowledgement and Ukio speaks. “Since you were gone for such a short time, you didn’t miss anything. Jaki’s “Proving Tour” is still going, she’s finding some popularity amongst the Triglavians, 'bout as much as you could expect for an outsider. Some Eagles–MY Eagles-- resistance trackers made headway. Thinking of letting the Advance Class handle one of the cells when we’re able to close the net. All on their own. Baby’s first counterintelligence op.”

John contemplates. “Hmm, bioadaption, augments, training, illegal gear…they have enough things going for them, they should be able to handle something like that. If we allow some covert oversight, I’m in favor.”

“Great, Jaki’s already on board. We’ll get to the nitty gritty when we’re more certain of the catch. For now, we’ll just ramp up their regimen.”

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