28-01-125 Warclone Veterans Decennial Awards

For those unaware, January 28th represents a day of remembrance for the warclone community. It was on this day, ten years ago, that Tibus Heth ordered the First Warclone Purge while making the existence of warclones known to the cluster at large. While, at the time, overshadowed by the fallout of the Battle of Asakai and the opening shots of what would become Operation Highlander January 28th still represents an important date in the clone soldier community. Without a formal, common date of record among the empires of when the clone soldier program officially began that has ever been made public this event represents the common start of the warclone age with the decennial marking our shift into the Second Decade.

Collectively, the first decade was defined by strife. Our Templar forebears were born into madness, the offical mark of our age started with our purging and persecution, and since then we have witnessed at least three other Purges-- the Templar Manhunt only a few months after, the “Warlord Uprising” carried out at the hands of Red Troop, and the expulsion of any remnant warclones from Molden Heath during the First Skarkon War. The Bosena Accords and Round Table Assembly themselves were formed in response to these Purges with the goal of common organization to avoid and mitigate future Purges. It has been an uphill battle, sometimes mistakes were made, yet here we stand today.

I hope now, this January 28th, we mark the start of a transition to a Second Decade defined not by strife but by common understanding both between warclone clans and the cluster at large. We have never asked for the world’s consent to exist, as no person should have to. But I hope we might move into an age of acceptance that works to find a place for the warclone in New Eden rather than seek our annihilation.

If you are a warclone, or an ally that has fought alongside us to keep the flame alive thusfar, we invite you to Skarkon this Saturday the 28th for fireworks and celebration. During which time we will present decennial awards to those who have worked to build the warclone community over the last ten years or fought to preserve our settlements over the course of the Yule Siege.

If you have any questions, please direct them to myself or our Warden @Attn_Thaddeus_Reynolds in a direct message.


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