Warcrows - (PT) Small exploration and PvP corp

If you’re into PvP or exploration and want to get your feet wet with an old corp trying to re-establish itself, check us out!

We’re a small, semi-nomadic PvP and Exploration corp looking for intuitive players of all skill levels to join us.

Access to High Class Wh space with offices in NPC Nullsec and lowsec Systems, Thera and Jita for roaming PvP and filament purposes.

Our current aim is to grow into a tight knit group of players, helping each member tap into their initiative and start creating their own content as Pirates, Explorers or just chasing good fights.


We need you!

Don’t become just another digit in some dullsec bloc, join us and make something of yourself! Be what you want to be and help others become the best version of themselves!

Solo, micro and small gang PvP
Experienced PvP leadership
Access to WH (Mid to High)
Offices in Lowsec, Delve & Syndicate NPC 0.0
Fully funded Projects (PvP, PvE, Buybacks, Exploration)
Online (Eve-Hr) LP Store

Online Buy back program and Loyalty store via the wonerful Eve-Hr!
PvP learning program that will help you be more than just an F1 monkey

Pop me a DM ingame if you’re interested in learning more!