Warcrows, A WH corp for YOU!

Tired of being just a number in someone elses story? Want to make a difference?

Warcrows is a casual, semi nomadic PvP and Exploration corp.

Our main home is a Class 2 wormhole with highsec and class 3 static exits. We are perfect for casuals looking for an easy going home or folks new to wormhole space and are looking for intuitive players of all skill levels to join us.

We have a future proofed, tiered organizational structure aimed at redundancy for the casual player and tonnes of room for individual growth, our aim is simple, to help each member tap into their initiative and start creating their own fun story as a Warcrow. Whether a Pirate, Explorer or just chasing good fights we are sure you’ll find a good crew to roll with.

Why should you join?

Eve is a brutal environment where you can go from rich to poor in one simple mistake. At Warcrows we enjoy a multitude of content, from hunting killrights in highsec to roaming through our exits into wormholes, null and lowsec. Content is everywhere, you just have to learn how to find it and not lose everything in one go!

  • Create your own story with us, we all want fun on eve and with the right method you can easily undock and create your own content, whether that be solo or in groups over all system security levels.

  • For those that want to push the boat out, we have a few training methods that should rapidly develop your knowledge in exploration as well as solo and small gang PvP, no matter the sec, age or sp level. Just remember, you only get out what you put in.

  • As an experienced player you can join or even help create group events, taking roles other, more amorphous corporations will not allow, learn our PREWAR method and help the less experienced members make the most of their game time while enjoying yours.

  • Our main PvP focus is based around Micro-gang work, with new players being placed into support roles and learning to scout before graduating into more specialized roles

Join “APG public” for more informationor sign up here https://eve-hr.com/warcrows

And remember, The future is greedy!


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Taking a break from all your worries

It sure would help a lot.

Now that I have passed your age-based maturity test, let me drop a few questions on you to see if I’m someone you might be looking for.

I enjoy the game enough to actually PAY for it. Like, with money. This frees me from the need to focus everything on every single ISK. I can actually play for fun. Novel concept, I know. I am coming back from a hiatus (for the third time, damn game won’t let me forget).

I’m an industrial pilot focused on PvP… Player vs Planet. I shot down a capsuleer once. Didn’t like it. So yeah, only one kill on my board.

My main is a 27M skill pilot and I have a purely PI alt who are looking for a slightly more exciting home. Since I don’t mind spending fifty cents a day, I COULD continue playing in HS and just goober around, but I would rather be a part of something bigger. I’ve done LowSec, NullSec and Wormholes, and I definitely prefer the latter.

From me, you will get a mature, mentally stable person who has experience, albeit long ago, with WH life, and will actively scan and mark sites as necessary. I will create whatever type of whatever tier of PI junk you need, sell cheap or even donate a chunk of it to the corp. I will mine ore and gas sites, and leave the gods for whomever uses them. I will probably put up a POS once I have established myself as trustworthy, just to have a place to call home.

Any questions, let me know here or hit me up in game.

Speaker Bim

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Sometimes you want to go

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