Warmongering Space Invaders - Amarr FW Corp Looking for new Pilots

Warmongering Space Invaders is run by some experienced EVE players who are in the game to shoot stuff and have fun.

We expect a few things from our members

  • Log in and shoot things
  • Help with the Amarr FW War Effort
  • Be on Comms as much as you can
  • Join in and have fun

This is an EU or EU TZ only corp, we have no grand ambitions to move or take space, We are here for Faction warfare and Low Sec Piracy, PVP and Pushing Amarr forwards is all we do.

If you like to log in to a wealth of targets at all times then this is the place for you.

Please join our channel “Space Invaders Public” or Contact Agent 872 for more info.

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