Warping Away Fast

Is there a “warp to closest thing I’m aligned with” button or do I just have to remember which planet/ station/ bookmark I’m pointed in?

There is no automatic option for this.
(it would make escape from a dicey situation too easy)

Rather, this is where situational awareness comes in.
If you need to escape, one should be mindful of where potential escape vectors are.

If one is not too good at this, no problem! Simply take time to create bookmarks all over a favorite star system of yours so all the potential vectors are covered.
Of course the pitfall is that this only works in systems you frequent.


It’s less “depending on the direction I’m facing, I might not be aligned” but more “what if I’m practically aligned, but try to warp to something else?” I mean I’d feel really stupid trying to escape by fleeing to my escape bookmark when I’m already pointing towards a planet.

I’ve actually done this a few times.
It sucks, but it happens. :slight_smile:

Memorizing things (like station names and planet/belt numbers) does help. As does panning around the camera to double-check vectors and where/what is selected.

Don’t feel bad for being clumsy at some things (especially since you are a newbro).
The EVE UI is notoriously difficult to master. There is a constant stream of info all around your ship and mindfulness is a factor to finding success here.


I suppose you can BM what you’re aligned to (which can be done remotely), and then open up a bookmark window with that BM. You can even set it to expire in a couple of hours if it’s not a warp out that you plan on using more than once.

You might also find the following article of interest.
No P2W


I make use of the things I can see in space:

When I’m preparing an align out I doubleclick towards an anomaly, asteroid belt, planet or structure that I can see in the direction my ship is going. Then when I want to warp out, I rightclick that same thing in space and warp to it.


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