Warping Away From Customs Office

Sometimes when I try to warp away from a customs office I just sit there and wiggle a bit and it takes forever to warp away. I’m flying a decently fitted Epithal in a wormhole. I normally warp to 0 to the office. It doesn’t happen often but of course the last time this happened someone swooped in and killed me. Nothing I could do.

Is there any way to prevent this?

Thanks for your help,

Yes. You make a Bookmark at the top or bottom of each POCO you use and only use this bookmark when accessing it. Solar Systems are usually designed pretty “flat” so when initiating warp, 99% of all cases will make you align horizontally and not bumping into the POCO. Also if someone has spotted you and warps directly to the POCO to catch you, he will land 20-30km off, giving you more time to hit your WarpCoreStab and Nullifier and escape.


If you zoom in you will notice that the ‘wiggling’ happens because your ship is trying to align through the customs office to your next destination. Collision with the POCO is the problem.

To make sure you can warp away, align elsewhere that is not behind the poco, or ctrl-space to stop your warp, move your ship sideways with one cycle of your afterburner and then try again.

Having bookmarks above or below the POCOs like Syzygium mentioned tends to avoid this issue, but usually when I warp at 0 at the POCO I don’t land in bad spots, so I stopped making those bookmarks.


Thanks y’all. I tried putting bookmarks above / below the POCO’s, but honestly that was a pain in the butt and didn’t work very well for me. Probably doing it wrong.

What worked was just simply moving my safe spot in the wormhole to the other side of the POCO. Haven’t had an issue since.