Was Damage Control an Active Mdule

Damage control is a passive module. However, this summer I remember reading some older (years old) reddit posts saying how being neutfucked by an Armageddon could hurt a Butrix’s or a Munin’s tank. But when I looked into those example fits, they were buffer tanks. Both fits had an explosive armor hardener, but the Armageddon fits everyone prosed didn’t use any projectile weapons. The only thing I can think of is that the tanking modules themselves would be affected, but energized membranes, armor plates, reninfoced bulkheads, and damage controls are passive. So either all the replies didn’t read the original post (which can happen, I mean it happens in these forums), or was damage control once an active module?

Seems like it was:

FYI, I simply googled the title of your thread and added a question mark to it in the Google search bar.
Enjoy reading that thread. I did.

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Yeah they were. They consumed energy back in the day.

Also fun fact, when eve was released you could equip multiple MWD’s at the same time. Made for some speedy boats.

It was, but it only needed 1 cap every 30 seconds.

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I don’t know about letting people stack MWDs, but having Damage Control be something 1 cap every 210 seconds sounds fun. I bet it probably made the Armageddon broken since it could just suck out the cap of anyone who didn’t have either a battery or a cap booster (a capacitor recharger likely won’t do much when your cap gets sucked to 0 in 1 minute since regen when dry always stinks) and make them stop tanking. In fact, I’m guessing the Armageddon is the primary reason DC isn’t an active module anymore, I mean I guess there were other reasons like someone complaining about ganks or whatever.

The old gate jump routine… jump, start warp, turn on damage control, hardeners… so it saves one click.


Well, I guess people complaining about one click might be one reason they changed it. But I’m guessing the Armageddon was the primary reason.

I really can’t remember what the reason given was. It’ll be in a blog post somewhere in the dark depths of the internet.

Found the thread: [March] Damage Control Tiericide - Upcoming Feature and Change Feedback Center - EVE Online Forums

I just wanted to know if it was ever active at one point and I got the answer. Even if the reason is lost, it’s easy to figure out the main reason.

Probably a CCP guy on his playing account got himself blown up because he forgot to activate it. :smiling_imp:


There really isn’t a reason for it to be active. You’re either gonna fit it or not, and if you do, you’re gonna turn it on. Yes, sometimes people forgot, but capping out a ship so hard it couldn’t keep it’s damage control on was rare, so at the end of the day, it was mostly just an opportunity to forget. Or just a negative potential outcome vs the pretty much otherwise standard across every major comp, doctrine, etc which all fit them and turned them on.

I don’t miss them being active.


Like everything, it was better when it was

It was part of the immersdion, part of the checklist of things to do as you undocked and after a jump. LIke sitting in a cockpit and flipping a bunch of toggles.

It felt good to do.


One of my favorite moments was panic activating my Damage Control during an unexpected attack and escaping with 25% hull.

It was always meant to be passive i believe but CCP couldn’t make it happen at the time because of ‘code’ reasons.

It may have been that you couldn’t limit the number of mods you could have fit, but you could limit how many of a certain mod were active.

So it was the only way you could stop people having multiple DCU’s for crazy structure resists (used to be 60% all resist to structure).

They were always limited to 1. I think they changed it purely for game design considerations (i.e. to give those resists without the risk of having them be capped out by very intense neuting).

Then they nerfed the module and built the nerfed amount directly into base hull resistances so that players don’t feel absolutely obligated to have one on all builds.

Other interesting bits about damage controls is that they don’t stack with normal armor/shield resistance mods, so you get the full amount, but they do stack with the reactive armor hardener.

Yeah, like I speculated the Armageddon was probably the main reason it was changed, although there was probably other reasons.

Large neuts are too slow to prevent a 1 cap/30 seconds module from being up 99% of the time, unless there’s very many of them (in which case the damage control doesn’t really make a difference anyway). Smaller neuts presented a much greater danger.

Something something losing my PvE Legion and its fancy modules because I drunkenly forgot to activate DC and hardeners :joy:


It was, and absolutly useless. Now it works.

How would it have been useless to provide all those huge resists?