Wayland Corp is open for everyone

Hello Capsuleer
I am one of the CEO/Directors of the Wayland Corp - Domain HQ, and I would like to extend an invitation for YOU to turn the page in your personal journal, and start the next chapter in your career with us.

If you just started your journey in EVE Online, you may be confused and have lots of questions, what even is a Corporation, right? Well, a “Guild” is probably a term you’re more familiar with, and in essence, that’s what corporations are in EVE, except there’s so much more to it. Joining a new-player friendly corporation is the best way to get your questions answered by people who have your best interest in mind. Corporations work together to bring wealth to all its members, and provide various benefits, but most importantly, it’s a great way to potentially make a few new friends while you’re on your journey.

We welcome all players regardless of the amount of skill points you have, what you fly or what your goals are. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh new blood who’ve just started, or a veteran with years upon years of play time, we’re striving to build a community where everyone can evolve and share their collective knowledge with each other.

As a corporation, we offer the following:
■ A solid group of players to play the game with
■ A corporation that is currently safe from War Declarations
■ A corporation HQ in Joppaya (7 Jumps from Amarr, 4 Jumps from Low-sec)
■ 4.2% corporation tax compared to the much higher NPC corp tax (on missions)
■ A wealth of knowledge that spans various aspects of the game
■ A Corp Buying Scheme so you don’t have to haul your stuff to Amarr or Jita to sell
■ Corporation Mining Operations to bolster the corps wealth
■ Boosted mining fleets
■ Ability to advance through our ranks and gain various benefits
■ Most importantly, a chance to make some new friends.
■ HQ Location in a system with lots of moon rock miners

What do we require?
As a bare minimum, you should be able to communicate in English, however, we accept the fact that it’s not the first language of everyone, and that the written and verbal level may differ from person to person, secondly, we also expect you to be friendly and present yourself in a mature manner

This is your chance to be part of something great, and hopefully learn some new things along the way, whether you’re here to stay or just to learn and then continue on your journey, we welcome you with open arms.

If you’re still reading this!
Then my captivating way with words must have peaked your interest, and if so, then why waste more time trying to sell an idea, when all you need to do is one of the following things:

  1. You can contact one of the recruiters directly in-game, their names are listed at the bottom of this post, or…
  2. You can look up “Wayland Corp - Domain HQ” in-game and find the “Apply to Join” button, write a few words about yourself and your goals or what you’ve been doing in EVE in the application, then send it our way and we’ll get back to you with an invitation.

Wait, you’re still not sold on the idea of joining us?
If you need more information or simply want to get a foot in the door without committing, then you can join our Discord and hang out in our public chat channel, here you can get to meet the gang.

Simply click here to open a direct link to our Discord server

Best Regards
Myself, and the Directors of The Wayland Corp

Nezied Crendraven
Nissihin Maru

I’m not a member of this l corp, but Nez is cool people, so bump. I recommend giving Weyland a shot.

Also, if you move to Joppaya there are very juicy moon rocks, and you can expect support from me in your endeavors. This includes help hauling, mining boosts, and possibly even mission support if I’m available.


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