(We Are A) Diplomatic-Incident: CO2 Alliance. Nullsec PVP, Industrial, Active EU/US TZ Corp

Yeah, we are these Guys. No, we will Never Rent.

We undock, sometimes:

Other times there bee titans…

Oh yeah… Inquisitions baby…

Yes. We like to Mine with mindlink boosts… Despite any so-called “Oppression”

We have stood Our Ground and Triumphed.

We have Wept aloud…

Sure, We Kill Supers

We Got Our Anthem…

We have Pissed ourselves laughing.

We Punish Traitors:

Something Something long winded backstory

Free Jump freighter service from jita to Nullsec staging. Free Doctrine ships for full members. Maximum rorqual boosts. Private Wormhole. Capital assistance programs. Welcome home.

Good group still needing more recruits

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Still Looking for New Bros

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Diplomatic-Incident Recruiting
Null Sec Corp
Looking for Active pilots

We offer:

  • Alliance/Small Gang PVP
  • Solo Or Group PVE
  • Industry
  • Great PI
  • Good group of players to fly with

Minimum 10,000,000 Skill Points
Join “Incident Public” Channel In Game for a chat
Or Join our Discord Diplomatic-Incident

Hey, You forgot to mention we have sexy ginger space chicks…

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And we do moar than sperge… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QW68IPyy78

But when we sperge… oh lawdy lawrd…

Did i mention when someone flips our fortizar… we don;t talk about hands … we just do the Inquisition…

And we just took back our wh…https://youtu.be/ZMlelEFlkKQ

soooo nice to be a droppin’ again… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV7Kk1Wm2Io

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