We are (a) Diplomatic Incident - Join Now

Diplomatic Incident is a PvP/Industrial corporation inside of Darkness Alliance, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition.

We are built around our members & teamwork, with a focus on growth and guidance to further your EVE career.

We welcome all skill levels, PvP, PvE, Indy, & Miners

What We Do:

What we offer:

  • An Active Corp and Alliance
  • TS Server, Forum, Unified Coalition Comms, Corp/Alliance SRP, and KB for corp/alliance
  • Plentiful Economic opportunities for all player levels
  • Knowledge from Veteran Players in all aspects of the game
  • Freight/Logistics High > Low > NULL Sec
  • Stable team focused corp looking to grow
  • Corp mining purchase program
  • Daily fleets: Small Gangs, Alliance/Coalition Level Fleets. Capital/Super/Capital Warfare/Blackops
  • Opportunities for new players to learn/grow(Become a FC, Logistic, Industry, PvP, Corp/Alliance Leader)
  • Team Focused Players
  • New Player to Veteran friendly
  • Member of Darkness Alliance/nul-sec
  • RL first Eve second
  • Access to 0.0 space.

What we are looking for:

  • Team oriented, enjoy the game but willing to support alliance operations
  • The Ability To Fly and/or train for doctrine ships
  • Work within a Corporation/Alliance
  • Willingness to work towards our collective goals and operations
  • Long term membership, we are all friends here

Join our Public Discord Channel Right Here or our in game channel “Incident Public”. You may also contact Heavyn in game with any questions.
Our corp and alliance operates in the US/EU/AU Time Zones.

Come and say “HI”

“At the end of the day, it’s all about the teamwork”

Did I mention we have cookies?

Roses are red, Violets are blue.

We shoot reds, how about you

I think I saw myself in that video, I’M FAMOUS!

We can arrange infamy too, if that’s your cup’o tea

Heard of that Dabbing Skeleton?

Yeah, That’s us.

And we get fights… boy do we get in fights…

Could use some Indy people for all these moons we have…and of course fighty types to keep the bad guys away!

Still looking…why don’t you just come to your new home

Where have all the real gamers gone??

Stiiiill Looking

Hello…Is it me your looking for?

Zoom Zoom

Confirming that diplomats do in fact have to clean up after our “incidents”.


Attention, Recruitment is once Again OPEN. Our Space is officially cleared of infestation of assorted pests.

FYI, if you are a new player or alpha clone not able to meet the minimum requirements for D-I, we have an academy corp where you can learn the basics of the game and be looked after by our a bunch of “Rich Uncles”

It all starts on Our Discord: https://discord.gg/k62QAMF

Good Day Ulec here, my mates and I took a few year break, We fly everything between our mains and alts. I am mostly an indy guy, I used to handle a lot many years ago for IRC on that front, we all like to mine and PVP. We desire a home back in 00. we can come as a corp or place toons in a already from corp. Look forward to hearing back

Ulec Qel’droma

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