We are looking for members who can communicate in Japanese

The goal of the action is to expand the force and advance into the null from low-sec settlement
by solo and event fleets.
Mining, WH exploration, Pokven exploration, missions, combat anomaly & signatures
Ratting and roaming in low-sec fleets

You can contribute to the company by simply doing what you like to do and it will pay back to you
No problem if you just want to relax in high-sec mining/secu missions!

In-house purchase system - 90% of the highest Jita purchase price.
→The event dividend is transferred immediately by ISK through the use of the in-house purchase system.
Each department generates its own profit through independent profitability.

Tax rate 0.0% & no contribution levy

Reaction facilities and R&D structures are owned together. Free for employees to use.
For further information or questions, please contact CLC Guest CH

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