Looking for small corporations and day-job/casual players

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We are looking for smaller corporations and casual individuals to come join us in null-sec!

We are a small group of casual players who rent a system in in Impass. We are mostly industrialists and ratters, who simply hang out and watch our wallets grow. We have no PVP requirements and our rental alliance takes great care of us.

Here is what we can offer to our players and corporations:

  • Full ADM/Mining upgrades. We have more ORE and ratting sites than we know what to do with
  • Moon mining, with Xenotime/Loparite moons
  • Upgraded reprocessing, research, and manufacturing facilities
  • Access to a large Keepstar market
  • Affordable JF service, to help you get moved in and keep you supplied
  • Corporation buyback with 95% Jita Buy rates
  • Optional PVP content, including larger alliance fleets
  • We really have something to offer for everyone, and all corporations. We can accommodate capital ships (we mostly use Rorquals and Carriers), as well as casual super-cap players. The market around us is very strong and competitive, so finding the ships and mods you want will be a breeze. Our PVP opportunities will also allow you to be a part of EVE history, if you wish to do so.

Please reach out to us in our public channel: Jilin Corporation

We will be happy to answer your questions, and we hope to see you flying with us in the near future!

Warm Regards, Xero

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