We Are Made of Stars (WAMOS) is recruiting!

We Are Made of Stars (WAMOS) is recruiting!

A friendly bunch who want to have fun exploring the game. Can teach the new, and give content to the experienced.

English speaking international group with new players and veterans, men and women, to help you out find what aspects of the game you like, how to make isk in a way you enjoy, and all sorts of stuff!

Ineligible for War Decs!

We do a little bit of everything, including but not limited to: npc miner hunts, hs mission running, fleet mining, fleet roams, fleet WH sites, escalations, and more.

You can reach a recruiter in a couple of different ways:
Evemail in game - Lana Chipli or Askaedin Cylix
Join our Public Eve Chat - WAMOS Public

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