We Are Special, EUTZ, PvP, LowSec, Alliance Tournament

As long as I played EvE I watched the Alliance Tournament and I always wanted to participate. In the end I never joined a corporation with a team but it never left my mind.

Now I came back to EvE with this one goal I still have: participating in the Alliance Tournament and of course other tournaments for fun and training.

I am not aiming to win but to form a cool team and see how far we can go. The training alone and the theory crafting should be so much fun

I want to invite everybody with the same dream/goal!

First we need to create a stable, fun corporation for pilots who want to PvP without rules. We have no CTA’s or structures to defend. We just go out and have fun shooting or be shot… We don’t aim to grow big, we just need enough pilots to be able to field micro or small gangs most evenings.

We are strictly EUTZ.

We are located on the edge of factional warfare which gives us plenty of PvP targets. Our homestation is close to Jita for easy logistics.

A small overview what we offer:

  • Target rich environment
  • Easy logistics
  • T1 fitted frigates/destroyers available on corp contracts
  • Discord comms
  • RL comes first mentality
  • Freedom to play the game in your own pace (as long as it is mainly PvP)
  • Experienced leadership to learn to PvP

What we ask for:

  • a PvP mentality
  • Ability to fund yourself
  • Relaxed and fun pilots
  • English speaking
  • Commitment to be on comms when in a fleet
  • No skillpoint requirement. Every level is welcome!

Contact Mr Easy or Turakama ingame for more information

Ingame channel: A very special bar

First bump of the season!

Here we are again with another bump

Who wants to join us to do some tournament style PvP?

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