We are STA'IN - the rest can JOGON! - EU/US Timezone

Great bunch of dudes and dudettes seeking additional dudes/dudettes… Apply via Discord.

Daily talk and fun on comms, great community, great place to be. We are definitely Sta’in =))

Bumpy McBumperface :slight_smile:

and back to the top we go, still looking for relaxed pvpers :slight_smile:

I joined up with these guys a couple weeks ago wanting to learn some PvP. I’m already on a few kill mails! Everyone has been awesome. Relaxed, friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. If your looking for a good corp. don’t pass up STA’IN.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
glad you like it here. Bump to the top \o/

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Still recruiting and building on our active core. If you have interest, please reach out.

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Bump of the day, nice friendly group, active for 10 years +.
Come say hi, inexperienced folks also considered.

Recruitment continues, interested in those that are PVP focused.

Additionally looking for 1-2 guys interested in capital production and another JF/logistics pilot.

Reach us via the Discord, come meet the team.

Recruitment continues, come find some fun in Stain this weekend and stick with our active stable group for as long as you find it fun (forever) .
Reach us via the Discord, many thanks!

Recruitment drive all weekend, come by the Discord and meet the team, chat with us and find your place in Eve: STA'IN

Still recruiting, targeting PVP’ers while we can support many ways for you to make isk.
Social team willing to train newer members. Find us via the Discord.

Still recruiting, looking for good fits, apply via the Discord.

very relaxed and chilled group. Social and friendly atmosphere, come check us out :slight_smile:

Great core, looking to grow with some active eve addicts. Apply via the Discord or simply some and chat, we will share all of our years of wisdom. Fly Wise!

Open recruitment, pop by the Discord.

very good team. Support

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