We Broke The Game is Recruiting for SOV Null Fun

We Broke The Game, part of the Already Replaced alliance, is looking to add pilots to our ranks. We have SOV space rich with content and safety.

WBTG Offers:

  • PvP - Small, Medium and Coalition Level Content
  • PvE - Ratting, DED Combat Sites, Trig Running
  • Mining - Max Boosted Moon, Belt and Ice Mining (You keep what you mine)
  • Industry - We have the outlets to build anything from T1 Ammo to Titans
  • Newbro Friendly - We have a great support system to help you settle in and learn the game.
  • Alliance JF Network - Multiple weekly trips to and from Highsec
  • Alliance Buyback Program - We will buy everything from you. No freighting required.
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Close to Major Trading Hub

Join the in-game channel WBTG Recruiting to speak with a recruiter. Apply in-game for an interview.

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