We Want YOU! ~ /_ / ~ Bare Minimum Bandits is recruiting

High quality Corp for low quality people

We like to PvP

We like to PvE

We lick rocks occasionally

We put the “Fun” in " Dysfunction"!

Here at the Bare minimum bandits, we like to give the bare minimum, 100%. We have members that cover most of the NA time zones and some EU time zones as well. We specialize in helping new bro’s learn to scan and pew, as well as give bitter vets like myself a place to flex our fitting prowess and tactical theory. One of our core objectives is to help bring life back to a dying W-space. If you want to learn the ropes and break your cherries in wormhole space to enrich your abilities so one day, you will be comfortable enough to leave the nest and inhabit your own wormhole system, we only expect you give the bare minimum.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your presence :slight_smile:

-Enigmatica Goldberge

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