Weave - the Eve experience with friends

Weave is different.

Have you ever wanted to be part of a corporation that just did things together, whether it was in-game or out of game? Interested in a life with no corporate requirements? Tired of feeling like just a number in some big scheme?

Check out Weave. In Weave we do things together. No fancy organization, no hierarchy. Just people having fun! From members organizing fleets in discord to meeting up in game and helping each other out, Weave offers something a bit different than your typical corporation. Experience a corporation that simply lays a foundation for content with other members. The corp itself doesn’t offer any services; all systems and structures in place are provided and serviced by the members.

Piracy, exploration, wormhole diving, suicide ganking, mission running, offering fitting advice, abyssals, moon mining, long distance freight, creating an industrial empire, you name it. The galaxy is truly our oyster. Be your own boss and deploy a structure and manage it how you see fit. Set up a player group and organize times and create an op doctrine or go out kitchen sink style. Mine and set up industry lines with your buddies. Take out a group to wormhole space and blast people who aren’t paying attention (or people that are!) The possibilities are endless, all you need to do is make it happen!

I have found that some people digest things better with a bullet list, so here is one:

◆ No tax (0%)
◆ No structure service fees (0%)
◆ Group up with others and create or join a activity group
◆ Expand the corporation’s hold in space by anchoring your own structures (via our holding corp) and obtain manager permissions to operate them how you like (with no corp-based service fees)
◆ No requirements to join
◆ Chat on voice in Discord or share your latest activities through images and stories

Come hang with us. Click the link below to read more about our corp, join the “Weave” in-game channel or just hop straight into our discord.


See you!

In-game channel: Weave
[Our Mission statement]

Join our discord!

To the top! Bumparino!

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Up we go, come Weave with us!

Come join us! 100 strong!

Weave continues to grow as we do not operating as a corporation in the traditional EVE fashion. We operate more as a community.

Some of us continue to do things as if we are not part of Weave but enjoy the tax benefits. Sometime we fleet up to do mining, exploration or just to roam around in hope of find someone to pod before we are podded.

You can be involved or uninvolved as you like within Weave Community, the choice is yours.

Bumping! Come join us, nearly 200 strong!

In-game channel: Weave

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