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Hi all,

What are you favourite EVE-related-blogs ? the below are some of the ones I check everyday, do you know any other good source of info ? I like some economical analysis, “international” politics i.e. corps (nothing new since a couple of months ago, but I love the economical analysis)

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ooohhh some sites I was not familiar with there, I will trawl though these later… sadly I’ve none myself that I can recall whilst at work.

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@Giddy_McFee I have some others at home but this way we can always discovery something new :slight_smile: what I really miss is some overview sites, something like EVE-CNN

actually I remember some other that I really like:

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@Nunosh I have an overview I grabbed from FCON whilst I was there, It is very extensive (not looked at all the options) but I am happy to share it, I have a gmail account I can upload it to tonight.

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I don’t see and EVE-Twitch.

Something about EVE-CNN?
I can point you to Imperium News: Talking in Stations and The Meta Show only on Twitch. That show has many different interesting guests from EVE community, CCP, CMS and not only.

Last two shows was:
The Meta Show is Invaded by TRI and CSM Members

Talking in Stations Special with SirMolle, Andrew Groen, Seleene and Carneros

SirMolle – founder of BOB;
Seleene – founder of MC;
Andrew Groen – author of ‘Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online’;
Carneros – CEO of The BASTION;

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@Rexxar_Santaro the explanation is very simple: most of the time that I spent to read blogs is at work and here we have reddit blocked at the firewall :slight_smile: when I arrive at home I most of the times playing or checking prices… :wink:

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