Who are the Eve bloggers / video-makers you enjoy the most?

[I apologize - I searched every forum group and couldn’t think of a more appropriate place to post this. Perhaps I missed it.]

I am interested in connecting with folks who have successfully monetized their Eve blog, YouTube videos, or other high-quality Eve content.

Are there any folks out there you all regularly follow? What’s your favorite type of material to read up on - random musings latest happenings, instructional stuff?

I want to be able to demonstrate to my kids that you can do something you really love while making a little bit of spending $$ on the side at the same time. :slight_smile:

Of course, I also need to teach them about the money-value of time, so there’s that too.

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No competition: www.minerbumping.com is the best EVE blog.


Not exactly a blogger, but the only one I interact with is Chribba.

Much less now that Eveboard is no more, but I still check out some of his other handy data sites more or less regularly.

All other EVE blogs or “news” sites are insufferable ego stroking crap. Ninety nine percent of them I wouldn’t visit if they belonged to my own mother. They are just that bad.

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On YouTube -


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Admirably sneaky to slip that into a post on a relatively obscure forum for a relatively obscure game we all enjoy wasting our time with. You are definitely one of us…one of us…one of us…

I don’t follow any of them but watched some of Jin’taan’s videos about the history of the player owned alliances and the state of power between them, and probably some other of his videos too, all of which were interesting to watch and were very informative.

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I like the delonewolf, gets to the point, and the videos flow with mostly useful information.

Some others post videos, like Markee Dragon, talk to their friends and followers but don’t have their voices on air, so you don’t have a clue what’s going on. Markee also takes forever to get to the point, as he assumes we have all day to gaze at his beard and eagerly await his every word.

Here’s a tip to all you who post videos: write a script and practice before airing! Then you won’t get embarrassed when you watch your own work on Youtube…


My favorite has always been Bjorn Bee, that laugh of his and his willingness to take on anything in eve is fun to watch!

I also like watching Delonewolf’s, Lasker Emanuel and Zaqq’s videos, really great people that help make Eve what it is today!

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Too much rambling in the Markee videos!

What about , you need the most or use the most, if not enjoy the most.?
(Lots of enjoyment can be something not needed, especially if it’s too much enjoyment.)

I think dotlan.net , evemarketer.com , eve-marketdata.com , ellatha.com/eve/lp/Concord , eveuniversity.org/ ,
http://eve-gatecheck.space/eve/ ,

eve-central.com/ is no more and links to a theatr.us blog.











PI Expedited Transfer Timer

High sec customs office tax now 100 times more !! post patch WTF?
Posted - 2011.11.29 21:18:00 - [1] - Quote

An EVE Online Planetary Interaction tool, written in Ruby.





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A4E Tutorial - Planetary interaction

Technical Analysis: Moving Averages By Justin Kuepper

2D EveMaps

with prices in bottom right corner.


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Jebi’s stream on Twitch is funny as f**k: https://www.twitch.tv/evelog

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You mean out of the handful that remain?

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yeah a good blog as such but they need to change the site they use and theme it hurts my damn eyes

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