Delonewolf needs some official recognition!

This guy has been putting Eve content out since 2011 and puts the IRL time in to give us a market update EVERY Sunday.
He’s been doing that for 8 years that I can remember!

He is a superbly calm narrator, giving clarity to the newer player, has owned and lost a corp, kicked out of his POS, and made many billions of ISK, all whilst telling us how to do it, in a very pleasant, nonsweary way.

Never a ‘clickbait’ title to an upload, " :astonished: "face on a youtube vid, just many years of pure dedication to CCP.
Please CCP, do something to recognize this ambassador to the Eve universe we love.


Yeah Delonewolf has always been a highly under-rated eve youtuber. I stopped playing a long time ago but if I ever get curious of what’s happening in Eve I pop over to his channel. In the past I’ve also had ingame interactions with him and he’s a very nice dude.

His style is a calm & no nonesense approach.


I don’t know this guy but if he does what you claim he does, he has my thanks and support for whatever CCP can do to reward him!


I’d completely forgotten about Delonewolf, I’ve been watching Ashterothi and Aceface. I used to watch Delonewolf’s content some years ago, I guess I’ll have to check him out again.

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Reward someone for doin something they enjoy?



@Ramona_McCandless I have to agree, if CCP handed out recognition to every player who left a mark about this game… the game might as well be a memorial.

There was a spotlight on a user who visited all 7000+ planets in the universe and it took them years to accomplish. Also she never lost a single ship doing it. They gave her a statue. This was a vast undertaking and not a content provider who makes videos… I don’t know she may have documented the trips. There are tons of YouTubers like Aceface (who makes content just about every day) and Lorumerth Gaming (one of my personal favorites) but they don’t need to be recognized by CCP. I think they do pretty well on their own.

There are lots more who assist players without videos. What about all the nice players who actually give you good advice in your corporation?

Im sure official recognition is not the correct thing to do as there are countless players who have done incredible things to keep the game alive and are dedicated every single day of the week who deserve that more than him. Honoring him would basically be a slap in the face to others.
I do watch his videos and he is my favorite people for Eve videos. Unfortunately the core concepts of shared knowledge go directly against how wealth works and you shouldn’t compare a Volvo to a Ferrari when it comes to business models. His content is noob-friendly and I like it, but lets calm down the simping.

Well CCP is putting a rock with our names on it if your omega through May.

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We agree, and Delonewolf is a member of the EVE Online Partner Program!


@Anthony_FatTony_Amico :scream: I read this and then I had to go research about this “Memorial to EVE” I found the following factoids. Since I had no clue their was a real life monument, until just now!!

  • The monument is not new, this video of the official unveiling is 9 years old.
  • This tourist to Reykjavik, Iceland caught this 4 years ago, and didn’t even know what it was, until he asked the locals. As he states in this video, the monument has no description plaque or information on it.
  • Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland, still very small compared to other metropolitan cities with a current population of 140 thousand.
  • This site has a lot more information about it. Including information about a laptop PC buried under this to be opened in 2039.
  • This monument was built in 2014, for the 10th Anniversary, and has names on it from then as well.

I am not disrespecting this monument or the pride of Reykjavik, but it would seem like they would have put a title plaque on this monument. Even the park benches in my city of 35 thousand people, have tiny name plaques on them for the people who donated their funds to the parks. I think I would rather have my real life name on a park bench, than my character name telling everyone in Iceland, I spent my money on my ego driven virtual works. However that is just me, go buy Omega get famous. o7

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Same! Glad I will be omega by time May ends. Thanks for doing some digging on it!

Shoutout to Delonewolf for doing his videos and market reviews, almost like clockwork, week after week, month after month, year after year by now, consistently and reliably. :+1: :full_moon_with_face:


Was this an Icelandic, or City of Reykjavik, project?

Or is it solely a private project by CCP?

–Curious Gadget

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I don’t know. One YouTube video shows a local talking about CCP being their form of the car industry in the US. I guess they are safe then, as long as Pearl Abyss doesn’t decide to relocate the HQ to Korea?

I like him a lot but there’s nothing he has done that many many more have not done more for eve so they would be first in line for tributes ahead of him.

He really is good. He’s very market insightful for sure. Watching him long before I watched oz.

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Delonewolf has retired from his monthly report - saw his community post on the youtube channel - Burnout is real - Thanks for all the work will miss the market reports and videos.

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