WECU. INIT Covert-Ops Corporation


Do you like surprising your enemies with death while they rat and mine?

Do you like drinking a ridiculous amount of alcohol on weekends?

Do you like listening to terrible music choices on PlugDJ?

Do you like sperg?

Are you toxic?
You may just find a home with us!

We are Definitely Not Cloaked LLC [WECU.] a long standing, successful PVP Corporation and are part of The Initiative. We specialize in mid-space explosions, courtesy of expert Black OPS pilots and FCs, as well as participating on larger scale warfare on alliance and coalition fleets.

Benefits of being a member in WECU.
• Educational friendly fleets
• Solidified core membership of 20+ active pilots
• 24/7 Corp Level Active Discord Chat
• Alliance Level SRP
• Corporation Level SRP
• etc, etc

• Working Microphone and Discord/Mumble (for voice/chat)
• Omega Clone Status
• Willing to get into doctrines
• Top memes
• Don’t be a Scrub
• Must be Active
• Must have or be willing to skill a Dreadnaught alt (on a 2nd account)
• Must have or be willing to skill an alpha character to fly certain subcaps (on a free alpha 3rd account)

We are currently recruiting active, dedicated, and productive pilots. We are currently looking for dual boxer pilots (sub + cap alt) There are plenty of important roles involved in the Corporation & Alliance that can be filled by any pilot with these qualities. We are recruiting all people that can fill those roles and contribute to WECU. You don’t necessarily need to have the cap alt ready but you must be willing to skill one.

Join chat channel WECUPUB in game or Discord for more information!

Still recruiting dank pilots

Bump we got a rorq frag last night and currently fighting gotg

We got some nice frags last night and can always use more members in eu and us tzs!

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Still recruiting currently working on stopping to lose sins:smile:

Still recruiting


Recruitment is still open!

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Recruitment still running!

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Still recruiting

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Now the elite USTZ option for Initiative…be apart of the future